Welcome to Greece!

Breathing in the fragrant air amidst the exquisite mountains, enjoying the endless charms of picturesque villages, relaxing on endless beaches, reliving history among the breathtaking archeological site, loose yourself in landscapes of olive groves and vineyards and many more ...

Legend has this country blessed by the Gods, and it’s clear to see why…

Greece has picture-perfect islands, glorious beaches, mountains crowned by ancient temples and theatres, historical towns and white-washed villages make Greece a bucket-list topper, and rightly so. Add one of the healthiest (and tastiest) diets in the world, the friendliest of people, a wealth of traditions and nearly 3000 hours of sunshine per year, and there you have it, a once-in-a-lifetime destination that will make you want to visit again and again. And again.

Greece offers a unique blend of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscape, overwhelming history and culture and people of great and genuine hospitality, respecting their tradition.

With a seemingly endless coastline and hundreds of beautiful islands, Greece offers a mix of cultural learning and soul-satisfying relaxation. While almost every visitor is drawn to Greece's world-famous antiquities, few can resist focusing on sun, sand and fun.

The natural beauty and charm of Greece is just not confined to the typical venues overwhelmed by tourists – the Greek Isles and the renowned archeological sites – this beauty and charm is also to be found in the road less traveled and this is what we have to offer to you the distinguished traveler.

The Gods have blessed Hellas with a natural beauty that is seldom explored by the package tour visitors. 

Far from the beaten track and mass tourism, very often close to Ancient Greek and Byzantine archaeological sites and the captivating sea, the destinations offers are the real Greece, "The Greece You Are Looking For". 

What is

" .... The Greece You Are Looking For"

We are just trying to make your trips better all the time.

We do what we love, we love to do it well, and we know you will love the result, your happiest memories.

We are locals, love our country and know it quite well .... glad to help you to discover Greece!

Maybe the above 3 sentences reply perfectly the question 'what is' is part of Superb Travel group ( + +

The Superb Travel Group has its base on the north coast of Crete. The company operates the website to provide descriptive information for those visiting Crete. 

The website takes a fresh approach in providing a user-friendly design with fast-loading pages of text and photographs. Offering truly useful categories of information, it enables visitors to be better informed about selecting what to do, where to visit and where to stay in Crete. 

The company philosophy is to operate with integrity and honesty and as a result, to develop and provide the "best in the field" for its customers. If you are reading this, you are already our customer, whether considering a visit to Crete, asking us a question about your vacation or visiting the website. is dedicated to helping distinguish independent travelers find and book small, unspoiled, hand-picked selected, with a certain something, exciting and unusual places to stay in lovely Greece. We know this amazing country inside out. The website features a dynamically growing captivating collection of our favorite small hotels, great apartments, magical inns, dreamy guesthouses, superb villas and our acknowledged guides to the island of Crete, Kimolos, Milos, Santorini, Kythira, Athens, Peloponnese and many more - we have listened to you, our guests, and continue to make the websites better, easier to use, more informative and helpful. 

More than this, our driving desire is to inform you about where you will most enjoy your stay - so that you will say "why didn't you tell me it was this good?" when you arrive. We have personally decided that these places are special enough to offer you the "Superb experience" we believe you are looking for. We can can give you all the details you wish to know about these chosen places and answer any questions you may have, regardless of the answer’s length!

Each place has unique features in some way, whether in its location, views, quality, luxury, architecture, design, activities on offer, owners or  of course warm unique hospitality. From a small traditional hotel in west Crete to a fantastic Villa in Santorini all of them will be found in our charming and eclectic range. Our main goal is help you escape the traditional package holiday!

Let us carry you away to the unique Greece ...

Travel guides for real people travelling

Some of the remarkable things we are especially proud to offer you are our in-depth guides about the place you are considering travelling to.

For Crete we give you an entire website/guide to Crete.

Who writes these guides?

We do. That is, the members of We live in Crete year round and visit all these places and research all their features. Let's make one thing clear: we are not interested in population figures, prefecture divisions, and irrelevant facts! And we don't believe you are interested in these either, right?

So we assemble personally all the interesting, exciting information, only sourcing some of the historical facts. This is why our guides are different and really useful: we look at a place through the eyes of a traveller, not a bureaucracy. And, our guides are fresh and accurate; we double-check everything.

We write truthfully, without an agenda. We write what we like and say what could do with improvement or those things we would leave well alone.

What use are these guides to me?

We know it for a fact: many of our site's visitors print and take these guides with them and use them on their trip. Of course, these guides will also help you tremendously, before you travel, while you are planning your trip.

What can I find out from these guides?

Firstly, what each place "feels like". The atmosphere, style, ambience. Then: how you can get there (by air, sea or land), what you can see, what you can do, where there's a good place to eat and which other places nearby you could visit. A little bit of history, only if it's interesting!

Do you show any photographs?

Numerous photographs which we have taken. Clear but "light", so all the website pages you view appear on your screen blinking-fast. 

Are the guides printer-friendly?

Yes, each and every one of them. If some guides span more than 1 page, we provide a "print the whole guide" option. We've been told it's helpful!

The Evolution of

In the beginning there was Crete...

I had visited Crete from the USA or from the UK over several years

After Lina joined me in a wish to live in Crete, learn the island's hidden secrets, explore and write about them, the now-popular guide to  was born (read about the company founders). The guide was researched during personal exploration and discovery of every route, place, hidden treasure and each hotel featured on the website. We created the website from scratch, writing all the information now found on it. We took all the photographs - driving over 20000 kilometres on the island of Crete alone in the first year, racing up hills to catch the light - all with a totally untainted view. A view inspired by the notion of what would excite and thrill a visitor. A completely fresh approach based upon what you really want to know when planning a trip. We hardly looked at any other websites, but when we did, we soon found the endless repetitions of population numbers, principal agricultural products or administrative divisions, to be less than inspiring, nor helpful or interesting. So we aimed to make this the most user-friendly and useful guide to anywhere in the world...but about Crete. takes off  became very popular, very quickly - many of you who visited the website asked if we could find, suggest, recommend and even book your hotel rooms or villa for you.

We remember our first-ever guest well and she much remembers the reception she received on arrival in Crete. After her flight was delayed she ended up arriving after dark (the natural landmarks to aid her finding where she was to stay, were now invisible) signs were posted along the National road directing her all the way to her apartment -the memory also ended favourably for her.

Crete Hotels & Rooms is launched by popular demand

We received increasing numbers of requests and questions about how to find that ideal place to stay. This lead to our planning "Crete Hotels & Rooms" with its own website, offering our hand-picked selection of hotels with a certain something, a special joy and great experience to stay at. Added to this our own sheer pleasure and excitement every time we discovered during our travels, a hotel we simply loved for its unique features (location, architecture, views, atmosphere, quality, luxury or hospitality - each one having one or more of these desirable features in spades).

What to go into and what to leave alone

We decided to offer the things that you as a discerning traveller would enjoy in Crete - but not "dilute" our skills dealing with flights or even ferry tickets to or from this enormous island. (We do however offer all the necessary ferry sailing schedules and scheduled flight timetables to help you plan your journey, on our website). As our guests, you come from all over the world - your local flight websites or flight booking agents can and should offer you what you need. Flights within Greece and ferries can now be booked electronically, online (some with with e-tickets). So once you have arranged to get to Athens - flying on or sailing to the local area of your visit is easier than ever. (There are also international scheduled flights to Thessaloniki, a few to Crete and many charter flights to nearly every airport in regions all over Greece).

9 years later

For nine years at we have enthusiastically offered our unparalleled devotion to honesty and downright great service. With our family of websites showing you captivating hotels in Crete, car rentals with great service and ease of booking, and our acknowledged guide to the island of Crete - we have listened to you, our guests, and continue to make the websites better, easier to use, more informative and helpful. 

More than this, our driving desire is to inform you about where you will most enjoy your stay - so that you will say "why didn't you tell me it was this good?" when you arrive.

Greece starts beckoning - arrives

During this period we have noticed the number of fabulous, magical inns and small hotels being opened, refurbished or created in modern and traditional styles - those "travellers' tales" types of place appearing all over Greece.

As a result we have been inspired and motivated - we have now created to offer you Greece with the same absolute honesty, numerous photographs, stellar service we applied to Crete. We offer you every tip and grain of wisdom for your treasured visit - but only offer our selection of places we have personally discovered & visited (often stayed in) thoroughly examined, described and photographed. These are the fabled places for you to discover the unbound magic waiting for you in the rest of Greece...well gradually, the rest of Greece.

The "Superb experience" 

With our new service for mainland Greece and islands other than Crete,, we take further steps towards the quality of your travelling pleasure. Each hotel that we decide to offer you, takes many hours to visit. Then for each one, we spend 3 whole days and more to write our review, process and select the photographs we have taken and tell you the whole story. So the last thing we would do is to throw up scores of hotels here, there and everywhere. This is a gradual journey of discovery - join us as we discover the romance and charm of Greece. With the bar is raised: only some of the hotels we already offer in Crete are included in the "Superb" collection.

At present, offers places to treasure and enjoy memorable moments in the marvellous Peloponnese, the contrasting parts of northern Greece starting with Makedonia and Thessaloniki (Salonica), Athens - and of course the superb in Crete.

The future shines bright

In future we will include Central Greece (Sterea Ellada), offering beautiful places to stay. This will allow fascinating passage and thoroughly pleasurable stops on your way from Italy to Greece, starting with Patras and weaving your way through a route consisting of historic and delightful coastal villages and scenic mountain perches on the road to Athens. It will also link our special collection of hotels in Athens, with those in the Peloponnese.

We are just trying to make your trips better all the time.

We do what we love, we love to do it well, and we know you will love the result, your happiest memories.


For More Information About Us Please Contact Us is based in Heraklion of Crete and its a licensed local agent certified by the Greek National Tourist Organization. GNTO (EOT) license number: 1039E60610137001 - Superb Travel

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