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  1. Mariannas Workshop - Maroulas Village, Crete

    • Rethimno

    Mariannnas Workshop a few meters away from Vlla Maroulas at Maroulas Village. During these recent 20 years Marianna collects the traditional knowledge about how to help problems of health using the traditional way, what in the families were using in old times.

  2. Cullinary Experience, Day Sailing In Crete

    • HeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Sail, savour and experience Greek high end cuisine in lovely Crete. An hour, escaping from crowded places while an introduction to mediterranean diet is held by professionals. Natural beauty, clear water and tranquility is the ideal scenery for this session. A dive is essential, while our chef begins. Just in time, wish you a tasteful trip!

  3. Bird Watching in Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Birdwatching in Crete will travel you at some of its most beautiful, isolated and unpopulated areas, mountains, gorges, lakes particularly when you are looking for birds such as eagles, vultures and falcons.

  4. Stagakis Cretan Lyra Workshop at Rethymno

    • Rethimno

    "Stagakis" Cretan Lyra workshop is based at Rethymno town, Crete, Greece and they make traditional Cretan Lyras since 1945. They build and send Lyras all over the world, wherever there is passion for the traditional Cretan art & music.

  5. Ancient Eleutherna in Rethimno

    • Rethimno

    Ancient Eleutherna the heart of Crete is located on the northwest foot of Psiloritis, approximately thirty kilometres south of Rethimno and 380 meters above sea level. A must visit during your stay in lovely Crete.

  6. Melidoni Cave - Gerontospilios

    • Rethimno

    Melidoni cave is just 2km away from the village of Melidoni, near Rethymno, at an alitutude of 220m. You will reach it by following the signs to Perama (about 25km from Rethymno) and Melidoni, from the old national road. A worth visit.

  7. Activities by Veneto Restaurant in Rethimno

    • Rethimno

    Veneto restaurant organizes courses of three to five sessions to present modern and creative greek gastronomy. Contact us to arrange your participation in one of our next groups, or create with your friends your own group of 10-16 members.

  8. Easter in Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Easter is surely and by far the most important festival of the Greek year and is celebrated with many local customs and traditions. Greek Orthodox Easter usually falls one to five weeks after the western (Protestant, Catholic) Easter.

  9. Psiloritis Race

    • Rethimno

    Follow the steps of Zeus. A mountain race in Crete, with high international standards which was first born in June 2008 on Mt Olympus. The International Mountain Race 'Psiloritis Race' is an athletic meeting that forwards physical activity in touch with the natural environment

  10. Sea Kayak Bali

    • Rethimno

    Lovely Crete has a unique and spectacular coastline. Paddle the clear, blue Mediterranean waters; explore sea caves, tunnels and arches; relax on deserted beaches; explore uninhabited islands. 

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