Kicking off from Chania or Heraklion Airport to this top ecolodge for family, active adventures and local culture ... Milia Mountain Retreat, this 4-day cultural tour of Crete promises to let your dreams to touch base with reality.

A superb journey to the Cretan gastronomy during a 4-day stay at our Milia Mountain Retreat with our partners of Natour Lab.

Natour Lab is a team of people in Chania, who organize "short trips" to the gastronomy and natural beauties of West Crete.

Milia, has more than 20 years of presence and still heading forward so as to keep offering its guests authentic experiences with quality and respect to the local culture.

Milia together with Natour Lab will offer you something different, a life time experience!

You are going to attend workshops of creative everyday cooking. A hands-on experience allowing everyone to synthesize ideas with pure seasonal products and involve in an authentic gastronomy trip.

When your return back home, you will bring with them, not only the “photographic trophies” of your trip to the southeastern side of the Mediterranean, but also, a more holistic understanding and perception of the culture you were hosted.


1st day


Evening briefing.

Dinner at Milia restaurant.

First night in Milia Mountain Retreat.

2nd day

09.30 : Join the guided morning hike in the trails of Milia and enjoy the sea view.
Free Time- Resting

16.00 : Participate in evening Cooking Workshop. Introduction to seasonal cooking and the culture of the Cretan gastronomy. Experiential workshop of a seasonal 5-dish menu.
Around the monastery table of Milia, with the participation of everybody, mix the ingredients, creating unique tasteful combinations inspired by traditional recipes.

19.30 : Dinner with local wine.

3rd day

10.30 : Pick up natural food supplies from the Milia organic garden.

11.00- 14.00 : Participate in morning Cooking Workshop. Introduction and Workshop of everyday food production. Based on local ingredients (flour, olive oil, vegetables, cheese, fruit and eggs) examine their cultivation, their nutritional value and processing while performing some recipes (kalitsounia). Pack again food supplies and ready to go...

14.30 : Excursion with a van to Kedrodasos - Elafonisi. Free Time - Swimming - Resting at the beach.

16.30 : Outdoor lunch. (We savor the snacks and the dishes we have prepared in the morning).

19.00 : Returning back to Milia Mountain Retreat.

20.30 : Dinner at Milia restaurant

4th Day

10.30 : Have a visit at a local Winery. Having a tour around the facilities and the vineyard. Tasting authentic wines with a snack.

12.00 : Departure for a local honeybee garden. In situ presentation of the beehive and the special handling of the bees (protective equipment provided). Tasting of thyme honey and pollen. Drinking local herb tea with honey, tasting sesame bar with honey, rakomelo (honey based alcohol shot) and season fruit.

14.30 : Start all together the preparation of the Cretan style barbeque. Taste the fresh local meat with potatoes, fresh seasonal salads, homemade mustards and local wine. During the barbeque lsten authentic songs of the Western Crete music tradition (“Tamba-Chaniotika”) performing live.

18.30 : Returning back to Milia Mountain Retreat.

5th Day


Price per person 599.00 Euros

Price includes

- 4 overnights in Milia Mountain Retreat with breakfast
- 2 cooking workshops
- 3 dinners, 1 lunch and 1 BBQ with wine (one bottle for two persons)
- all transfers and tours
- all snacks and drinks in the honeybee garden and the winery

* in a double room (+80€ for single occupancy)
* All workshops and guidance is in English
* Persons per Group: 6-12 adults

* Please let us know if there is any kind of allergies or other special diet requests.


23,24,25. April 2014
23,24,25. May 2014
18,19.20. June 2014
17,18,19. September 2014
15,16,17. October 2014

Deadline to participate in the activity until March 10, April 10, May 10, August 10 & September 10.

Payment Policy: Credit card details (Visa or Mastercard) are required to charge the deposit amount of 10%  in order to confirm reservation. No additional charges will be made to the credit card unless cancellation charges have to be applied. Balance amount is to be paid directly to Milia Traditional Village. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by Milia.

Detailed information will be sent to you when you book through


For more info and reservations please contact:

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