Discover one of the most innovative wineries located in a fascinating environment in mainland of Crete, where making top quality organic wines.

Domaine Paterianakis is located at area Meleses of N. Kazantzakis municipality,  just 20km away from Heraklion town and 15km away from Knossos Minoan Palace.

It is a pioneer in wine production from organic farming grapes on Crete. All the indigenous and rare grape varieties at the vineyards were preserved and gradually more were added with respect to local ground and climate conditions and always according to the principles of the organic farming and to the protection of the environment. 

The winery is designed in different levels in order to use gravity for the production processes and to avoid artificial pressures that damage the stum. Additionally, the smooth pressures of spirit press machines, the underground maturing cellars in stable temperatures, the ideal bottling conditions with lack of oxygen and the proper storage of the bottles in an underground bottle cellar are guaranteeing our high quality products.

Within the Domain has been constructed a unit with three luxurious suites that are ready to accommodate the wine tourism audience. There are also offered guide tours around the vineyard and to the total wine production procedure, as well as wine tasting and educational courses at the specially designed places. 

Our gates are always open for our exceptional guests that wish to get known with our Domain and to enjoy our wines and the renowned Cretan hospitality. 

Detailed Information

Visits to the Winery are made by appointment.

Melesses Village
Municipality N. Kazantzakis
Crete, Greece

Tel: +30 6974461501
Fax: +30 2810226673
Website :

GPS Latitude: 35.180885270700784
GPS Longitude: 25.196489095687866

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