Krasi (wine) has been produced in Crete since Minoan Times and farmers in Crete have long made wine for their consumption.

Today Crete produces about 20% of Greek wine. 

Enjoy a wonderful drive on the Chania- Rethymno highway that run along the north coast of Crete. Leaving Chania behind you will turn right towards Vrisses which is located 32 km’s before Rethymno.

Being surrounded by the fascinating natural habitat that the island of Crete has to offer you will be lead to a stone building that has made the Dourakis family very proud of their own identity on the island. As if taken from a fairytale, a beautiful castle will lure you to discover the winery Dourakis.

The family’s tradition is characterized by knowledge and experience with skills in winemaking from grapes.

The creation of an important distribution network throughout Crete, the fixed policy, the absolute concentration on quality and care during the vinification process and the love towards Cretan products resulted in a steady development (and a constant rise in sales).

The company’s activities are not restricted in the domestic market but also expand to the export of the Cretan products to Europe/America.

The company aims at the expansion of its sales network within the next few years, the expansion of the market and the promotion of the Cretan products both in Greece and abroad.

The company aspires to create products of increasingly higher quality resulting from scientific care and respect towards tradition.

So far Dourakis Winery is synonymous with constant concern for high quality and an exemplary marketing system which emphasizes on the customer. Of course it is endeavored to use the results of technical progress and agricultural science in order to offer the best possible quality to customers.

For this reason, the winery is already certified by I.S.O. 22000 and the organic cultivation for the production of the organic wine is tested and certified by Δ.Η.Ω.

Don't miss to taste or buy the awarded wine of Lihnos Merlot Wine Bio 2011 which was awarded with a golden medal at 2014 Greek Wine Awards by Wine System AG.

Lihnos is the name of the oil lamp which our grandfather Andreas used to inspect the barrels, one by one, of his maturing wine in the dark cellars. Lihnos Red is a dry organic wine from the merlot grape that is cultivated in the vineyards that surround the Dourakis winery. The ¡must¢ ferments and matures in small oak barrels. After a short period of time, the wine is being bottled and allowed to mature further. . It has a dominant aroma of red fruits, dark chocolate and marmalade that blends harmoniously with the lush aroma brought out by ageing. Ruby red color, it has a rich velvety oily taste and a superb aftertaste.

Detailed Information

Visits to the winery are made by appointment.

Alikampos Chania
73007 Crete

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Telephone : 0030 2825051761 & 0030 6945540696.

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