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The exhibition based on owners experience and with initiative their will to share their knowledge. First goal is to sensitize the public especially the youngest about issues related to environment and its preservation as well as the dissemination of technological civilization.

The hope is to achieve this by bringing the public in touch with exhibits, products and activities that will help to comprehend concepts such as energy and its alternative sources. The hope is that by touring the exhibition the visitor will be introduced to alternative energy sources and understand the importance of their use and we hope to excite the interest of the youngest for construction and new technologies.

Through this effort excibition encourages the visitor to think how living at the country or the city can be improved by low cost means that are simultaneously environment friendly. It brings out the importance of energy saving by using alternative energy sources and we propose solutions for the preservation of the environment and the exploitation of natural resources.

At the exhibition owners experience is passed to the visitor through real examples, working machinery and products. Nevertheless, emphasis has been given to the aesthetic part in order to make the exhibition attractive for the visitor and to comprise a centre of enlightment and entertainment despite the visitor's age and educational status.

At the fist level, where the reception is located, the visitor can see large working renewable energy machinery, constructed by our company, that have already been installed in professional and domestic sites. Biomass fuels are also presented.

The means of work and the benefits from their use is explained by an educational guided tour, adapted to the educational and age level of the visitors. In special windows there is a wide range of working steam miniature engines and steam mobiles by the biggest constructors worldwide.

At the upper level there is a wide range of models that work with hydrogen fuel cells as well as educational material on posters. With the participation of the visitors the working models stirling engines, steam engines, hydrogen fuel cell car etc are put on work.

Nextdoor, in a separate room there is a cafeteria and a projection area of a documentary about renewable energy sources. The exhibition has special license for access and amenities for people with special needs.

Teachers should book a date and time for their visit. To book a visit please call at +30 2810 254410. 

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 14:30 (After Booking)

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