Explore the natural environment of Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean … in the Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) – University of Crete

The Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) - located in proximity to the Venetian port of Heraklion - offers a unique experience to its visitors, highlighting with an impressive and innovative way the natural environment of the eastern Mediterranean, emphasising on Greece and Crete.

In the four levels of the exhibition with a total area of over 5,500 m2, the visitors can tour in the Mega-Dioramas, which comprise realistic representations of natural environment, and can marvel the Giant Deinotherium, the Fossils, the Live Museum, the Discovery Center (”Erevnotopos”), the Earthquake Simulator (”Egelados”), the Multimedia Room, and the Temporary Exhibitions.

Mega-Dioramas (levels -1, 0 and +1) comprise full-size replicates of the most important ecosystems in the eastern Mediterranean region where the dominant plants and animals are comparatively presented. Of over 200 animal species, our visitors are mostly impressed with the bear, wolf, striped hyena, jackal, eagles, hawks, owls, lynx, desert fox, berber goat, Mediterranean seal and many others.

In the Living Museum (level -1), the visitors will have the opportunity to see some of the most impressive micromammals, reptiles and amphibians of the eastern Mediterranean. 

The Giant Deinotherium - a life size representation of 7 meters in height and 5 meters in length - as well as the other fossils (level -2) attest to the turbulent past of the eastern Mediterranean. 

In the Earthquake Simulator ("Egelados") (level -2), the visitors have the opportunity to experience real earthquakes and learn about protection measures and good practices during an earthquake through videos, texts and interactive activities. 

The Discovery Center (”Erevnotopos”) offers a unique experience to the children (up to 14 years old) to discover the magic world of the exploration of the environment through hands-on and interactive activities.

Additionally, several impressive Temporary Exhibitions, such as the Dinosaurs of Patagonia, the Antikythera mechanism, Plants and Culture in the history of Europe, are also realized in the museum. 

Τhe temporary exhibition “LIGHT MYSTERIES: Holograms, 3D and Optical Illusions” will be hosted at the halls of the Natural History Museum of Crete until the end of February 2014. Thereafter, the exhibition of

“Light Mysteries” will be replaced by a new temporary exhibition of impressive Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History of Crete

The Museum of Natural History of Crete invites you (May - November 2014) in a journey to the time of the dinosaurs!

Come and meet some of the most great creatures of that time, actually their real-size robot replicas that bring them back to life! Walk between animals with huge spikes, horns, scary jaws, sharp nails and impenetrable skins.

Listen to their breath and screams. Stand next to the smallest dinosaur but also the gigantic Argentinosaurus and the famous T-rex.

At the same time, the periodic exhibition "Light Mysteries" continues, which has impressed the public.

Both exhibitions will be in the Museum until November 2014.

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