- A great way to answer your every question on Greece’s social, economic and political life and discover Venetian & Ottoman Heraklion with a private guide.
- Enjoy a peripatetic tour through the streets of Heraklion and have a direct impression of the effects of the current economic crisis.
- Admire the Venetian Walls and have a great view of the City of Heraklion, discover all the monuments of the largest town in Crete. The tour includes the Venetian Walls, the Venetian fountain of Morosini, the Venetian harbor, the Venetian arsenals, the Cathedral, the Church of St. Titus (Vizier's mosque), the Church of St. Mark, the Loggia, Ottoman buildings and monuments, the tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis, the food market, restaurants, cafes, shops and other places, according to your interests.
- Discover vibrant Heraklion with a licensed local guide and don't miss places you'd probably never find on your own!

The Program

Meet you guide at any location, that is convenient to you and start your walk through the streets of the City.
The tour will last at least 2 hours. The tour duration is purely indicative. The tour can take more, or less, if need.
This is a walking tour (approximately 8000 steps). Please wear suitable shoes.

Total Cost 

Flat rate of € 170 for maximum 5 persons 

Not  Included 

Drinks, snacks, restaurant meals shopping and souvenirs.

Your Leader

George was born in Crete. He is a full time professional guide. He has acquired a broad experience, undertaking tour excursions for private groups of various interests and backgrounds. Geogre enjoys traveling and has a big love for his homeland: the island of Crete. His approach is based on facts, not theories, on personal experience, not rumors, on respect, not profit. If you share the same values then you are most welcome to join his tour.

Terms and Conditions

-  In any case of any transportation between places will take place with your own means. You also agree that you will provide a seat in your transportation vehicle for your tour leader. He may move from place to place on his own vehicle.

- Each individual participant hereby agrees that and its tour leader shall not be held responsible for any default by a third party.

- Any person participating who is affected by any kind of allergy, or has any special nutritional requirements must report those in writing during booking and takes full responsibility of his/her participation. That includes ingredients that may lead to allergies or any other nutritional or health disturbance.

- will make every effort to ensure your safety to the maximum during the tour but is not responsible in any way for your health, including (but not limited to) accidents, your personal safety or the safety of your belongings.

- maintains the right to cancel any tour if necessary.

- reserves the unconditional right to refuse the participation of a person, at any stage of the tour, if the tour leader decides that, that person may put at risk the flawless execution of the tour.

- does not have the means to ensure a flawless participation to persons with special needs. Therefore, such a participation remains the sole responsibility of  the person booking the tour.

Payment and Cancellation Policy 

- Upon confirmation of any tour, 12% deposit.

- In case of cancellation at least 5 days before the date of the tour, full refund. In any other case, no refund.

- Please, make sure your insurance contract covers all incidents that may arise during the tour, especially while being abroad.

- Herewith you grant global, royalty-free and full license to use your photographs, video clips or digital pictures in any form of advertisement of its events, tours and programs.

- The booking of the tour equals to your unconditional agreement that you are healthy, not sensitive to allergies and have no medical, physical or nutritional needs that might be affected by your participation. Also, that you automatically accept the terms and conditions described herein.

You confirm that you fully understand and agree to all of them.

Book now!  Send us an e-mail, when you have some dates in mind to check for availability, along with any other questions you may have.  All e-mails are answered promptly, usually within 24 hours.  

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