The good health and longevity of the Cretan people is owned to the traditional Cretan diet. The Cretan diet is considered to be the most representative and qualitative example of the so-called Mediterranean diet. It is based on olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes grains and wine.

Maybe it is time to learn more about the precious essential Cretan Olive Oil?

Experience how Koronekes Mill produces one of the best olive oils in Crete. It  is one of the rarest private exploitation in Crete to be equiped with its own mill.

Koronekes is located nearby Spilia and Arhanes Village in Heraklion Perfecture and they have one of the bigest olive grove in Crete.

They press their own olives, on the estate, at their mill built in the heart of their land in order to guarantee an excpetionnal product and to ensure constant and diligent control over the entire production. 

Koronekes aims to be in harmony with Nature and the environment. Their goal is to produce a natural and healthy product having undergone careful handling from the tree to the bottle. Strictly controlled production methods allow no additives at any stage of the process.

In order to preserve their trees from the scorching summer heat we irrigate with a drip system tailored to meet the olive trees’ needs. No water is wasted through evaporation or run-off. They protect olive trees against the olive fly in a natural way with the products that have been approved by the EU.

Fertilizations are controlled and moderated according to the tree's needs. Most of the fertilizer we use is natural and comes from the olive paste itself that we call "Pyrina". Once totally dry, the paste can be spread into the fields.

These and much more you could learn and experience during your visit at Koronekes Olive Mill.

Please ask us for contact details in order to arrange your visit at Koronekes Mil.

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