- Experience a day out in and around Heraklion with a local, who’s well acquainted with the culture, economic and social life as well as the history and gastronomy of the island.
- Have a rare insight into the way Cretans perceive life, how they think and act.
- Visit the local open market to handpick the fresh ingredients that will be used to prepare a traditional meal in a local house.
- Learn how to prepare some of the local delicacies.
- Understand the different qualities of olive oil through an olive oil tasting while preparing the meal.
- Enjoy some of the local cheeses.
- Experience a unique meal, prepared with your active participation using the ingredients of your choice from your earlier visit to the local open market.
- Taste some of the best wines produced on Crete.
- Relax viewing the magnificent Venetian port of Iraklion with its fortress, from the terrace of one of the most historic buildings of the city of Heraklion.
- Walk through the streets of a traditional village, inhaling the fragrance of jasmine, basil, sage and various flowers from the courtyards of the houses while taking some tactful glimpses into the local houses.
- Take astonishing photos of the gulf of Heraklion and the mountains of central and eastern Crete from the top of Youchtas mountain.
- Listen to some exquisite samples of Cretan and Greek music during the tour.
- Ask whatever intrigues your curiosity regarding local life, society, economy or business.

At the end of the day you’ll be filled with plenty of diverse feelings and knowledge of local life that can’t be obtained easily unless you have a close relation to local people. Learn about their everyday life, how they earn their life, what constitutes their living, what their priorities, hopes and fears are and what motivates them.

A person who knows well local culture and life will guide you through a unique experience.

The Program

08:00 a.m. Pick up your local leader to visit the open market. Collect fresh products of your choice to prepare your meal.
10:00 to 16:00. Arrival at a local house. You will be shown you how to prepare local delicacies. Enjoy a slow meal of plenty and joy.
16:00 to 18:00. Coffee on a terrace with view of the Venetian harbor.
18:00 to 19:30. Visit the top of Youchtas mountain
19:30 to 21:00. Walk through the traditional village of Archanes.

Total Cost

Flat rate of € 150 for maximum 4 persons plus €100 to be paid on the spot for all the ingredients required to prepare the meal and 4 bottles of different varieties of local wine.
The meal will consist of at least 3 starters, 3 salads, main course of 2 different dishes and desert.

Not Included

You must have your own transportation.
Parking near the Venetian port of Iraklion, approximately 3 euros per car.
Coffee or juice of your choice at the Venetian port will cost from 3€ to 5€ per person.

Your Leader

George has studied economics in Berlin, currently working in a bank. He has led a major institution for the development of Crete and was involved in many projects. He has gained a deep understanding of the social, business and economic environment of the island through his work. One of his favorite projects has been the acknowledgement of the particularly healthy effects of Cretan cuisine as nutritional basis. 

He has worked in leading positions in tourism and has co-founded an award winning restaurant specializing in Cretan specialties. He has led many workshops for skills development and continuous training.

He considers being a son of a shepherd as his “most competitive element” leading this day tour. He grew up in a traditional Cretan village and finds it very natural talking about the eatable flora and the useful plants of the island. Probably his most favorite hobby is preparing excellent meals for the people he loves.

A native Greek, he’s fluent in German and English. As the economic crisis changes the local socio-economic environment fast, George is the ideal person to help you have a direct eye on its effects. Ask him directly and personally as a counter point to fb, twitter and blogging about social and economic conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

- Transportation between places will take place with your own means. You also agree that you will provide a seat in your transportation vehicle for your tour leader. He may move from place to place on his own vehicle.

- Each individual participant hereby agrees that and its tour leader shall not be held responsible for any default by a third party.

- Any person participating who is affected by any kind of allergy, or has any special nutritional requirements must report those in writing during booking and takes full responsibility of his/her participation. That includes ingredients that may lead to allergies or any other nutritional or health disturbance.

- will make every effort to ensure your safety to the maximum during the tour but is not responsible in any way for your health, including (but not limited to) accidents, your personal safety or the safety of your belongings.

- maintains the right to cancel any tour if necessary.

- reserves the unconditional right to refuse the participation of a person, at any stage of the tour, if the tour leader decides that, that person may put at risk the flawless execution of the tour.

- does not have the means to ensure a flawless participation to persons with special needs. Therefore, such a participation remains the sole responsibility of  the person booking the tour.

Payment and Cancellation Policy 

- Upon confirmation of any tour, 30% deposit.

- In case of cancellation at least 3 days before the date of the tour, full refund. In any other case, no refund.

- Please, make sure your insurance contract covers all incidents that may arise during the tour, especially while being abroad.

- Herewith you grant global, royalty-free and full license to use your photographs, video clips or digital pictures in any form of advertisement of its events, tours and programs.

- The booking of the tour equals to your unconditional agreement that you are healthy, not sensitive to allergies and have no medical, physical or nutritional needs that might be affected by your participation. Also, that you automatically accept the terms and conditions described herein.

You confirm that you fully understand and agree to all of them.

Book now!  Send us an e-mail, when you have some dates in mind to check for availability, along with any other questions you may have.  All e-mails are answered promptly, usually within 24 hours.  

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