Why should you learn the Eskimo roll in a sea kayak? There are different interests.

My interest for the kayak roll is similar to the rest of my kayaking. I will be able to enjoy the kayaking a lot more if I feel I can handle the situation.

The Eskimo roll is thus something I see as a solution when the initial handling of the situation was not good enough to keep me on the surface, and when I need a better way to get up than just getting out of the kayak in the water (doing the wet exit). It is a vital rescue technique that every kayaker should master before starting paddling.

Kayak rolling is a difficult technique to learn, because it involves several steps, all carefully coordinated under conditions that invite panic.

This 8-hour, four-morning or evening class covers the basic progression of Eskimo rolling and deep water rescues. Each class includes detailed instruction followed by exercises in the water. Three mornings or evenings will focus on rolling while one focuses on rescues. A high instructor to student ratio (1:3) will ensure a steep learning curve.

A few words about rolling .... Rolling a kayak is done in many different ways. There is two roll methods more commonly used as the first learned way of rolling, but there is no definite "this is how a roll should be done".

From that follows that a definite "this is how to learn to roll" is hard to define as well. However, there is a number of common features which all has to do with relaxation and knowing where you can trust yourself.

We provide this course usually once each month through the whole year. Contact us to let you know the exact days. Spots are filling up fast so make sure to register on time. Book the course now!

Detailed Information

Price: 150€

Included: Instruction and equipment .

Duration: Two four hour sessions or a complete day if preffered.

Requirement: At least 2 persons.

In case that you want to book the course for yourself an extra fee of 50€ can be applied thus making the total cost 200€.  

Book now!   Send us an e-mail, when you have some dates in mind to check for availability, along with any other questions you may have.  All e-mails are answered promptly, usually within 24 hours.

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