Come and enjoy a tour and tasting at one of Greece’s top wineries!

The Manousakis Winery has been producing its 100% organic wines under the brand name Nostos since 1997.

The winery is situated just 15 minutes (driving) from the city of Chania in the village of Vatolakkos. This serene, traditional village setting is a perfect backdrop to try these award-winning wines.

Over the years Manousakis Winery has been holding tours and tastings for travelers coming from all over the world.

Guests have a choice between two different tour options.

In addition to these tour options, visitors can celebrate their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or even just the end to a perfect stay on Crete. Please concact us for more info. 



- From May 1st to October 31st the winery will be open daily (Monday-Sunday) from 12:00 to 24:00.
- From April 1st to April 30th and from November 1st to November 15th the winery will be open 11:00 to 17:00, Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).
- Scheduled tours of Manousakis Winery facilities are offered daily where you can choose from any of the tours and tasting options outlined below.
- During the winter months (November 16th to March 31st), all tours are Monday - Friday and by appointment only.
- For private events and groups of 15 people or more, different rates and scheduling may apply depending on the type of event.
- The restaurant at the tasting area is open from April 1st to November 15th, during the tasting area hours and offers an array of traditional Cretan dishes, a la carte. The restaurant is a farm to table restaurant; all vegetables are grown by Manousakis Winery.



The Manousakis Winery does not provide transportation. The best way to get to the winery is by car, taxi or bus (KTEL). The KTEL bus service offers hourly routes from Chania to Vatolakkos Please have a look here. For more information please call the bus station or visit their website



All meal options are cooked on-site and are available every day. The Manousakis Winery is able to accommodate any special meal requests (children’s meals, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) as long as at least one (1) days’ notice is given.


Serving Policy

The Manousakis Winery is prohibited by law from serving minors under 18 years old. They will not serve individuals who are intoxicated.



All tours and tastings are conducted by trained professionals. No groups may tour the winery unaccompanied by a Manousakis Winery team member.


Winery Shop

All guests are able to purchase all available wines as well as other goods at the wine shop, on the winery's premises.


Group Reservations

For groups of 15 people or more special pricing is available. Please contact us for more information.


Pricing and Payment Terms

Credit card details (Visa or Mastercard) are required to charge the deposit amount in order to confirm the reservation. No additional charges will be made to the credit card unless cancellation charges have to be applied. The balance amount is to be paid directly to Manousakis Winery upon completion of the tour. Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted by Manousakis Winery. For food tour options, minors under 18 years old are not charged the cost for the wines. Special pricing is available, please see below.


Terroir Tasting / Tour

10.00 €/person
Minors under 18 free of charge

This tour includes:

- A tour of our winery (Due to COVID-19 will not be available during this season, 2020)
- A presentation and explanation of the winemaking process
- A tasting of 5 different wines (the type of wine is dependent on availability and is subject to change) paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil, and sea salt

PS. Please note that after your tour you could enjoy meals at Manousakis Restaurant.



Premium Tasting / Tour

15.00 €/person
Minors under 18 free of charge

This tour includes:

- A tour of winery  (Due to COVID-19 will not be available during this season, 2020)
- A presentation and explanation of the winemaking process
- A tasting of 7 different wines (the type of wine is dependent on availability and is subject to change) paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt

PS. Please note that after your tour you could enjoy meals at Manousakis Restaurant.



Cooking Presentation & Seminar 

75,00 €/person
30,00 € for Minors 7-18

What better way to get a full gastronomic experience than with a cooking seminar that focuses on Cretan cuisine and, of course, Cretan wine! Our goal in presenting this seminar is to help people understand the Cretan diet and why it has such a large impact globally.

An example tour with this option includes:

- A tour of our winery
- A presentation and explanation of the wine making process
- A tasting of 5 different wines (type of wine is dependent on availability and is subject to change) paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt

Cooking Lesson focusing on traditional Cretan diet including: 
- Presentation on how to make the following dishes:
- Dakos: dried rusks topped with grated tomatoes and local Mizithra cheese
- Gemista/Dolmadakia: tomatoes, grape vines and peppers stuffed with rice
- Youvetsi: beef and orzo stew in tomato sauce

The meal enjoyed by the guest is pre-cooked so as to keep the duration of this tour at 3-4 hours
(The menu is subject to change depending on season. The minimum number of people required is 4; the maximum number of people allowed is 20)




For more info and reservations please contact us:


Honest Reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and would recommend to other people. Thank you so much Yiannis.
- David USA

G'day Yiannis,
Thank you for your follow up email, everything about our trip to the winery was perfect. The hosts there were wonderful, the day was perfect, and as you can see from the photo of our little group the lunch, and the wine were delicious.
It was a thoroughly wonderful experience.
We hope to get back to Greece again in the coming years, and if we do we will certainly look for things to do on your website.
All the very best, and thanks again.
- Chuck

Thanks, Yannis
We had a great time. The Manousakis wines are amazing and we bought several bottles when we were there.
If we may, we would like to make them an improvement suggestion: If they can offer their food paired with their wines, it would be an even greater experience. As it were, we were served the lunch and the wines for tasting at the same time without an attempt to make the food and the wine match. If they had selected the wines to be served with each dish, it would have been much better.
Best regards,
- Bjorn.

Everything was amazing! We all loved the vineyard tour and the hospitality, and I was very happy to learn more about an organic winery. Many thanks!

Yiannis, A very wet and cold Kalimera from North West England!! It is not at all like the famous Cretan weather here.... We hope it clears up soon.
We had a very memorable time at the Winery - thank you for the information.
The young lady who took us on the tour and served us was very very good! She was interesting and gave us lots of attention.
We enjoyed the food and the wine as much as we had hoped and expected. The only problem was that the young American in charge was not very attentive. He forgot to bring us the third and fourth wines, forgot to complete the rose taste and seemed a little too focused on being in charge of the other staff. The other staff were very good.
We bought some wine to take home with us and the barman gave our birthday guest a bottle as I had not drunk any! I was driving....!!
We will be back....soon!!
Kind regards
- Gareth UK

The Manousakis Winery Tour was just excellent. It was so much better than we expected. We had a nice walk through the processing and bottling facility and the grounds of the winery followed by a superb vegetarian lunch of local Greek specialities. We tasted five fantastic wines and bought two bottles to take back with us to England. The tour was just perfect and excellent value for money.
- Karan

This is an amazing winery, with one of the best organic wines in Greece.  So if in doubt of where to go during your holiday in Chania,  then Manousakis Winery is a great option, delicious traditonal food, superb wine, and warm hospitality from the guide to the lady at shop. Full lunch was great too.
- Adrian K. Switzerland

Many thanks for asking Yiannis. We had a great tour which could higly recommend. We drove to this Winery and had no expactions at all. We had booked a simple taste tour. We were welcomed at arriving and the tour started with explaining how the wine production was made. This was informative and interesting. After the tour we had a tasting of five different wines. All this for just 7.00 Euros per person. Good value for money. We bought also some wine and olive oil to bring back home.
- Andrea J. Germany

We choosed the light lunch, tour and wine tasting. This tour made by a really informative guide who gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way which we liked. We were then brought back to the patio where we got to see finished bottles of wine and had the tasting session which was great. We got to try 6 different wines which for the price we paid was extremely generous! We then enjoyed the light lunch which was authentic Greek cuisine. We really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone visiting Chania. Our guide and wine expert  were great too. Well done!
- Maria P. Austria

Excellent experience. We did a trip out to the Winery from Chania with Crete Travel. It was an exclusive off-road trip to the winery in a four wheel drive. It went up a spectacular mountain route to get to the grounds of the winery and then we had a full lunch with unlimited wine tasting after our tour of the winery. The wines here were good quality with the Rousanne being especially good. The Syrah was also high quality. The lunch was made with local ingredients and was excellent. This was relaxed wine tasting at its finest. If you have the full lunch with your wine tasting, the amount of wine you are served to 'taste' is extremely generous (unlimited glasses with your lunch). Our guide/driver on 22 Sep 2017 was awesome.
- Jane K. Australia

My husband and I booked lunch and a tour with tasting. The grounds are beautiful with old olive trees. In addition, the tour was very interesting and the wines very good. Our favorite was the Nostos blend that we had shipped to us. The lunch was delicious and generous and went perfect with the wine. Highly recommend a visit when near Chania.
- Katerina T. New Zelannd

Excellent wines and a delicious light lunch. Many thanks for organizing this What a lovely estate to visit, with an interesting journey through the foothills of Crete. After a brief and fairly informative tour of the winery we tasted several wines and we liked very much the Rousanne white, a ripe oak-aged white which is available in several restaurants in Chania, and two reds - the 2014 Syrah (now in short supply) and the Alexandra red. Lunch was some of the best food we had in this region - freshly prepared, home-made and with fine ingredients. Highly recommended.
- Marc M. Germany

Hello Yiannis, Thank you for getting in contact. My review of our experience is really positive ! We really enjoyed the tour (it was clear your staff are experts and enjoy working with wine) and the food was lovely. We did expect to see some vines but following the explanation for our tour guide we understood. Suggestion would be to recommend transportation or maybe organize bus from Chania to make the winery more accessible. Wishing you and all the staff at Manousakis Winery a good week.
- Rachel 

Hello Yiannis, How are you?  Nick and i are both well thank you and yes we had a great and enjoyable time at Manousakis winery. We were so looking forward to meeting you but maybe next time. Tour was amazing, wines were outstanding,  you should all be commended.  Thanks so much for looking after us. I will send some photos. All our love to you all.
- Toulla and Nick 

Manousakis Winery is the best winery in Crete and maybe in Greece. A lovely summer morning we  decided to take a trip to see the Manousakis Winery and we had such a great time, Ms. Manousakis and her staff not only made us feel welcomed, but were also friendly and knowledgeable. After the tour and wine tasting, we had a light lunch (which was delicious). Such a must visit, unique experience. Thanks a lot for organizing this for us.  
- Tania



For more info and reservations please contact us:

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