The story of a gallery in one of the most remote parts of Crete. The dream of a man who everyone called him "crazy" when he confided his idea. The example of willpower and offer by Sava Petrakis.

And the "big dream" came true, the Viannos art gallery “Savvas Petrakis” is located in Keratokampos, a coastal area by the Libyan Sea, of a distinctive virginal beauty.

It was founded by the cultural association of “Vigla,” in an effort to improve the local society’s quality of life by utilizing Art and Culture, those constant and unwavering values.

Education and art aren’t a luxury in a time of crisis, as many claim, but a consolation. They can become a powerful touchstone when everything seems to be collapsing. 

The Viannos art gallery already has in its collection more than 250 art works by the most distinguished artists in Greece (painters, sculptors, engravers), which were donated exclusively to the cultural association in the name of Ioannis Kondilakis, who was born in Viannos, but also as a tribute to the region’s history.

The great variety of the art collection constitutes a unique opportunity for educational and cultural activities, with works ranging from the genre of photorealism to more modern art styles. In the gallery you will encounter a great variety of art techniques: the classical technique of oil on canvas, photography, engravings and a sculpture.

The art gallery is accommodated in a building that was specially constructed for this purpose. It used to be an olive mill, which was donated to the cultural association by the family of Mr. Papamastorakis. The inside arrangement of the building gives us the opportunity to plan several activities such as conventions, lectures, screenings, book presentations etc.

The Viannos art gallery includes significant publishing works in its activities, most notably a republication of Ioannis Kondilakis’ books.

Nearby you can visit the ruins of a Venetian "Castle" (Castel Ceraton), a Roman building, a small settlement of the classical era, and of a fortified settlement from the Minoan period.

The inauguration of the new gallery’s building took place in September 2008 by the President of Greece Karolos Papoulias.


Keratokampos is the coastline of the village Ano Viannos, which is the capital of the Ano Viannos county in Heraklion.  It is an open port, the “port of Keratokampos” and it is visible on the maps. Keratokampos is almost 60 kilometres away from the city of Heraklion.

The opening hours of the gallery are 10.00-15.00 daily.
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