Blown away by the winds of lovely unique east Crete.

East Crete with the great beaches of Palaikastro  and Kouremenos, is one of the few places in Greece for the passionate lovers of wind surfing to enjoy the Meltemi especially through the months of July and August that the wind blows strongly in the area.

East Crete, unspoilt by mass tourism, still offers deserted places, idyllic villages and cosy tavernas. What makes this area so attractive is its pristine, authentic atmosphere.

Especially  Palekastro and Kouremenos beaches offer duing the Summer everything a windsurfer’s heart could possibly desire – especially if you have been infected with the surfer virus for some time.

East Crete area stands for strong winds. The meltemi blasts in from the north between the hills, with forces of 7 – 8 no rare occasion in summer.

Kouremenos has the position, where the meltemi is at its most reliable and strongest.

The Municipality of Itanos placed some showers along the beach for your convenience.

At the Beach of Kouremenos there is a well organized Austrian School for Wind surfing, manned by professional teachers, supplying equipment and giving lessons to beginners and skilled wind surfers.

The school is working from April to the end of September. 

For more details and information you can visit their web site:

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