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CNN Travel: Milos Among World’s Most Beautiful Islands

The island of Milos in the Cyclades is included on CNN Travel’s list of the world’s most beautiful islands along with Fregate in the Seychelles, St Lucia in the Caribbean and Kaua’i in the Hawaiian archipelago.

“Pale rock meets sapphire water on Milos, a tiny island at the southwestern tip of the Greek Cyclades. This is where the famed Venus de Milo was discovered in 1820, and the island — like the statue – does spectacular justice to the ancient goddess of love,” a feature published in the travel magazine’s online edition said.

CNN Travel also refers to Milos’ architecture and landscape. “Whitewashed houses with blue shutters mirror the island’s natural color scheme, and the coast has eroded into a wonderland of arches, coves and white-sand beaches that invite discovery. The Kleftiko caves, which you can reach only by water, are amazing.”

CNN Travel’s list includes 10 of “The world’s most beautiful islands”:

Milos, Greece
Bartolomé, Ecuador
Fregate, Seychelles
St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles
Jura, Scotland
Komodo Island, Indonesia
Senja Island, Norway
Mo’orea, French Polynesia
Palawan, Philippines
Kaua’i, United States


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