The Acropolis is Among the World’s Best-value Tourist Attractions for 2020

The Acropolis in Athens is included on the list of the World’s Top 25 Best-value Tourist Attractions released recently by Club Med, the international travel group operating premium all-inclusive resorts around the globe.

The Club Med study ranks 66 of some of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, comparing their entry fees and social media sentiment and allocating each destination a score out of 10.

With an online sentiment of 95.3 percent, an entry ticket of £17.65 (20 euros), and a score of 8.9/10, the Acropolis ranks 13th on the list.

The Peterhof Grand Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is revealed as the best-value tourist attraction for 2020, with an unbeatable online sentiment of 100 percent and an entry price of £7.51.

In second place is the Great Salt Lake in Utah, which has a respectable online sentiment score of 90.63 percent. The largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere is a natural wonder that requires no filter and just so happens to be the cheapest landmark on the list at £2.40 per visit.

Cairo’s Giza Pyramids are third place in Club Med’s ranking. They have an impressive online sentiment score of 93.42 percent and an entry fee of £8.01.

Colorado’s cinematic Rocky Mountains are in fourth place, with Rome’s Colosseum following at number five.

According to the Club Med study, the Burj Khalifa is rated as the least popular sightseeing spot due to its overpriced entry fee and limited views.

It is followed by Disneyland in Florida and The Empire State Building in New York.

Source : GTP Headlines


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