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Sea kayaking in the island of Spinalonga, eastern Crete. Starting near Elounda, suitable for those staying in Agios Nikolaos town as well.

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A daily sea kayak trip to explore the well-known island of Spinalonga and the entire area of Elounda in a superb nature. 

Maybe the most popular daily sea kayak trip in Crete.

The small uninhabited island of Spinalonga, officially known as Kalydon, is located in the Gulf of Elounda,  in north-eastern Crete.

The island has been used as a leper colony. Spinalonga has appeared in novels, television series, and a short film and has a rich but dramatic history.

In this sea kayak trip, we will explore the whole area in superb nature!

The Island is a historical novel written by Victoria Hislop. It has won several awards including Newcomer of the Year at the 2007 British Book Awards. The book was also nominated for the Book of the Year award at the same event and of course, is about the island of Spinalonga.

During our kayaking trip, we will have the chance to visit the island and take a tour inside the walls which is now working as a museum. The fee for entrance is not included at the listed price.

We have two options in terms of paddling. The shortest (12 km) is taking place inside the Elounda bay while on the 2nd we will circumnavigate the Kolokitha peninsula (20km).

In both cases, we will visit Spinalonga unless it is very windy nearby which in that case we will adapt the route accordingly.

If windy is a great test if you want to join our eastern Crete kayak expedition.


€80 per person


We start at 10 am and finish at 3-4 pm. If time changes for any reason you will be notified by email.

Minimum participants


Price Includes 

Complete sea kayak equipment, Spinaloga ticket, and local guide.

Tour starts

From Elounda Village


12 km

What to bring 

You will need to pack your lunch. Other than that you will need at least 1.5lt of water (ideally in small bottles), sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, lycra shirt, or any t-shirt ideally with UV protection. You will also need shoes that you do not mind getting soaked as you will get your feet wet. Ideally, a light neoprene shoe will work great. It is not required to wear shoes but they will help as the majority of the beaches are with small rocks.

Starting point

Check out this link for the exact meeting point, it is about 10 minutes walking from the center of Elounda. There is parking space available.


We pick up clients from Heraklion and near Agios Nikolaos. Many times we are able to pick up clients from other locations as well but it needs to be on our way to the starting point. If you need transport and you are not sure get in touch with us. Remember to send us the exact location of your hotel, not just the name. Transport is provided for free. In case you would like to rent your own car, you could have a look at our sister website

What will happen if the weather is bad and can't visit Spinalonga? 

If the weather is too windy and we will cancel the trip a full refund will be given. If it is very windy only around Spinalonga (it is very common) we won't reach the island and instead, we will paddle nearby. In that case, if the group requires visiting the island can be arranged with a local boat. The cost of the boat (usually 10-12€) is not included in the listed price.


Please bear in mind that the itinerary can be altered for numerous reasons beyond our control (e.g. harsh weather) to ensure the safety and the well-being of the group. The final selection is left up to the guide.
The temperature during the summer months (June - early September) is between 30oC - 42oC. Sun cream and hat is a must! During the winter temperature might be dropped down to 8-10oC.


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