• When: 01 Jan, 2013, Tue - 31 Dec, 2013, Tue
    Hours: Weekdays 08.30 - 14.30
  • Where: St. Minas str., Agia Aikaterini Square
  • Category: Exhibition

Museum of Religious Art or St. Aikaterini Museum situated northeast of the Cathedral of St. Minas, this church once belonged to the Monastery of St. Catherine on Mt. Sinai.

The church was founded in the second Byzantine period, and was a centre of intellectual and artistic activity from the 15th to the 17th century.

St. Catherine's now serves as an exhibition venue owned by the Archdiocese of Crete. It houses works representative of the Cretan Renaissance, the most outstanding of which are portable icons by Michail Damaskinos, a key representative of the Cretan School of painting thar flourished under the Venetians in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The displays also include collections of altar furnishings, books, vestments and detached murals.

Michael Damaskenos or Michail Damaskenos (Greek, 1530/35-1592/93) was a leading post-Byzantine Cretan painter, of the 16th century AD.

He was a near-contemporary of the most famous Cretan painter of any period, El Greco, but though Damaskinos also went to Italy, he remained much closer to his Greek roots stylistically.

Opening Hours : Weekdays, 08.30 -14.30
Tel. : +30 2810 288 825 Moni Odigitrias

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