• When: 29 Nov, 2013, Fri - 31 May, 2014, Sat
    Hours: 09.00 - 15.30 (Mo - Sat)
  • Where: A. & M. Kalokerinos House 27, Sofokli Venizelou Ave. / 7, Lysimachou Kalokerinou St. 71202 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Category: Exhibition

A multi - thematic exhibition (29 November 2013 - 31 May 2014) at Historical Museum of Crete which highlights the transition of the island from the Ottoman world in the free Greek state.

This is the new temporary exhibition at the Historical Museum of Crete which is a collaboration of Crete and Company Cretan Historical Studies , one of the events for the centennial of the Union.

The report is divided into four main sections - Politics, Economy , Society and Culture - and leverages rich and rare archival - illustrations and articles from the archives and collections EKIM , the Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece , the Research Foundation in Salt Istanbul and many other organizations and individuals, both in Greece and abroad.

Chronologically it covers a period of five decades : Commencing Convention Chalepa in 1878 , tells the path to union with the Greek state, while considering the more notable changes that the political changes brought about in the local community as the mid 1920 , culminating in the departure of the Muslim inhabitants and the arrival of refugees from Asia Minor , events that changed forever the demographic map of the island.

Three views of photographic and film material , including the documentary 's forgotten Balkans ( 2012 production ) , in different parts of the report enrich its content , while illustrated chronologies two touchscreens summarize and enhance the available information about the visitor.

In addition , the exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated bilingual catalog ( Greek - English ) , while using a special marking the visitor is guided to the relevant Permanent Exhibitions (History, Numismatics, Ethnographic etc. ) the museum , where they can seek specific information on the topic of interest.

The exhibition, which was opened to the public Friday, November 29 , under the peak weekend of anniversary events for the 100th anniversary of the Union of Crete with Greece , will last until May 2014 and will be accompanied by parallel events , such as the presentation of the anniversary Collection volume sovereignty and consciences in the Eastern Mediterranean , 1880-1920 , published by the Society of Cretan Historical Studies , in collaboration with the Department of History - Archaeology of the University of Crete.

Historical Museum of Crete
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Crete, Greece

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