More and more people visit Rethimno just for Avli (and Avli Suites of course) and its delicious cuisine.  

Because apart from the beach, or perhaps the ancient ruins, there is another method of getting to know an area, that of gastronomy.

Local dishes teach us much about the geophysical and climatic conditions, the local economy, even its history.

Avli, for 24 years, constantly searches and suggests dishes from Crete and the Mediterranean to unprejudiced, adventurous and willing palates. In a Venetian mansion circa 1600 that continues to “live” until today, a group of young people is trying to reconcile memories of yesterday and materials to the eating habits of today.

Avli cook for you and preserve, as much as possible, the authenticity of the culture and tradition that surrounds us.

Overall, the Cretan cuisine and nutrition is the basis of the Mediterranean diet.For the Cretans, the secret of good health and longevity is simple.

Eat what the rich land produces! Lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs, vegetables, legumes, cheese and bread. It is recorded that over 80 different types of greens are used in salads, pies, small nad large pies, or cooked in various ways.

Seasoned with wonderful herbs, they prepare sweets with natural materials such as honey and molasses, the only fat in the diet is the excellent Cretan olive oil consumed without processing, that adds a healthy nutritional value together with excellent wine which is an essential accompaniment to a meal. They do not eat meat often or until a few decades ago.

The Cretan cuisine is famous for its unique taste, which differs from other cuisines because it does not try to mix flavors. Each material has its autonomy, has identity and taste, is simple and unique, without lots of spices or flavor enhancers, but very tasty because through simplicity comes the invention of any cook who has hands on experience of centuries back.

The Cretans may eat greens or legumes daily but they do not eat the same food every day. This is because they find ways to create different flavors of the same materials.

This happens in almost all over Crete and the flavors are intense because of the diversity of materials.Historically, looking back to the roots of Cretan cuisine from ancient times until now, you will not find any significant changes since few materials have been added to the dishes used by the ancestors of modern Cretans.

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Open: April to October
  • Name: Avli
  • Where: Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthios, 74100, Rethymnon, Crete
  • Type of Cuisine: Gourmet,Creative Cretan,Greek,Mediterranean
  • Good for: Romance,Ambiance,Outdoor Seating,Special Occasions
  • Dinning Options: Lunch,Breakfast,Dinner

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