• Region : Crete
  • Prefecture : Heraklion
  • Municipality: Kophinas
  • Population: 113

Kapetaniana is a small village perched at an altitude of 800 meters on the Asterousia range, on the west side of the Κophinas peak.

This small village commands a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and combines in harmonious ways the wilderness of the mountain and the serenity and benefits of the sea.

This double character of the village, and its long history, rubs off on its buildings which combine Minoan stylistic influences and monastery architecture. The houses were constructed with defensive concerns in mind.

They have a lot in common with castles, while in the older days sheepfolds of various sizes formed an integral part of these fortified homes. They were built from materials resourced locally and fitted perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Kapetaniana was founded by some fighters from the great village of Sfakia who arrived here after the revolution, which was led by Daskalogiannis in 1770 against the Turks. The name of the village then (Kapetanios means captain in Greek) refers to the captains of the revolution and not to the captains of the sea!

The uniqueness of this traditional village lies in the materials that were used during the construction works, e.g. locally resourced stones for exterior and interior walls, wood and marble.

The traditional fireplaces are another stylistic element. Perhaps the most eye-catching detail is the integration of rocks and rock formations with other building elements within the traditional village.

How to get there

By Air:  From May through mid-October there are direct charter flights to Chania and, more frequently, to the capital Heraklion. Tickets can be bought in advance for almost all flights via our partner website.

By Sea: The journey is the thing". A superb way of enjoying the journey to Crete is to fly to Athens and take the ferry from Piraeus (Pireas) - the port serving Athens. A still-romantic way to travel by the overnight ferry from Piraeus to Chania-Souda port or Heraklion Port. Tickets can be bought in advance for all ferries via our website.

By Car: If you want to explore the region while you're here, we recommend that you rent a car, other means of transport are limited and/or infrequent. We suggest our Partner Budget, which offers competitive prices and you can collect your car at either airport.

By Taxi: Book your taxi transfer online easily and safely from the airport or port to any location via our website.

Where to stay

Thalori Traditional Village, your best option, is a complex of stoned houses at an altitude of 800 meters on the Asterousia hills, against the wide open space which forms the Libyan Sea, sets the conditions for a unique climate. 

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