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  1. Astypalaia

    The westernmost island of the Dodecanese, Astypalaia is one of Greece’s most far-flung isles — but it’s not as hard to reach as you imagine, thanks to daily direct flights from Athens. Must-sees include a seaside village with a golden-sand beach backed by citrus groves; tiny islets dotted with castaway beaches that look like they belong in the Caribbean.

  2. Kastellorizo

    • Dodecanese Islands

    Kastellorizo the remotest island of Greece one of Dodecanese Islands, is a microcosm of everything with pretty pastel houses, friendly locals and delicious fresh food served at waterside tavernas, a true getaway escape, ideal for couples.

  3. Naxos

    • Cyclades

    Naxos is probably the only Cycladic island that could survive if all the tourists stayed away. Naxos has almost everything… you could start visiting the the main town, a charming and lively place with whitewashed houses, narrow alleyways, a Venetian castle, a few museums and art galleries, plenty of shops, cafés and restaurants, and an archaeological site even.

  4. Sikinos

    • Cyclades

    Sikinos is a small, secluded island in southern Cyclades, located midway between the islands of Ios and Folegandros and nearby Santorini. It was known as Oinoe (Island of Wine) in Ancient Greece. It contrasts with nearby islands, such as Ios, in being quiet and relatively less developed.

  5. Andros

    • Cyclades

    Andros an island of dreams,full of waters, a place to escape…  is the second largest island of the Cyclades, after Naxos, and popular among tourists and Athenians. An island that combines the typical Cycladic color with green landscape, springs, waterfalls, caves. The landscape of Andros has inspired many international artists in the field of photography, painting and sculpture.

  6. Kythira

    • Peloponnese

    Kythira or Kithira, an island for all tastes, individual and unique where there is something for everyone.  Kythira is located right below the Peloponnese and offers a unique natural beauty and sightseeing attractions, along with amazing beaches… popular Agia Pelagia, Hora and its castle, Kapsali and Avlemonas, Mylopotamos waterfall and cave.

  7. Milos

    • Cyclades

    Milos, Cyclades, Greece maybe the best island for beach holidays.  Boasting more than 75 beaches of all sizes and types, many with crystalline deep-blue waters, multi-colored carved rocks and white-yellow coasts, they are truly a sight to behold. Due to its volcanic origins and composition, the diversity of the Milos topography is most in evidence in its coastal bays, inlets and beaches.

  8. Zagorochoria

    • Epirus

    Zagorochoria or Zagorohoria is a cluster of 48 traditional picturesque villages (Epirus), built amphitheatrically in the wider area of Timfi, Pindos and Mitiskeli (Zagori region). Zagori’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. The local architecture is defined by stone, wood and slate rock.

  9. Kimolos

    • Cyclades

    The authentic Cyclades experience on Kimolos Island. Kimolos is what many call the “real Greece” and has it all: volcanic rocks, rich flora, azure skies, turquoise and aquamarine waters, rich flora and fauna, and it’s unspoiled with far less tourism than other islands in the Cyclades.

  10. Athens

    • Athens

    Athens, the city you must visit when you come to Europe and of course to Greece. The history, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the museums and famous sights all beckon - but so do the colourful and quaint Plaka, Monastiraki, Psiri areas. With new-found confidence & brio, some infrastructure improvements and many new good restaurants & shops since the Olympics in summer 2004.

  11. Santorini (Thira)

    • Cyclades

    Of all the Greek islands Santorini is one of the most famous. Amongst the top 5 must-visit destinations - and boy, are you in for a memorable treat! This place heals by its sheer wonder, making you feel energized and ready for all that life offers once you have stayed here. Romantic beyond belief, superb hotels and excellent restaurants, the island has fine wines and unique foods and the tastiest tomatos in the world.

  12. Agia Roumeli

    • Chania

    Agia Roumeli is peacefull small and feels like a village somewhere ... nowhere. It is located between the ravish blue Libyan Sea and the steeply rising mountains at the exit of Samaria Gorge and is built on the ruins of ancient Tara, who was famous for its oracle and was destroyed by an earthquake in 66 AD.

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