All starts with a warm welcome and the hospitality to all guests at Keramos. Then relax and enjoy this simple village athmosphere with a local aura and if you feel like you could participate in a variety of activities such as loom lessons, Greek dancing, Cretan cuisine, raki making and more. A few are presented below.

Cooking Lessons : Your interest in learning to cook Creatan food is Keramos's joy. That is why you are cordially invited to Keramo's kitchen, without any charge, to watch and participate in the cooking procedure. From 3pm to 5pm, put on your aprons and go to learn how to cook a traditional Cretan dish for you and your friends or family to enjoy for your evening dinner.

Olive Picking : If you are in Crete in January or February you are invited to come and join Keramo's small family in picking the olives and the process of producing olive oil in the oil mill.

Raki -Kazani :Throughout all of November is the period for raki making … come and join the fun and take part in an unbelievable experience!

Xorta Picking : From March until May the Cretan soil offers us the most delicious wild greens(Xorta)! Come to pick the greens and make a fresh, healthy salad or learn from Viivi at Keramos how to make a savoury dish.

On land covering 300,000 m², you will have the opportunity to spend the day participating in agricultural activities, in both farming and stock farming - a unique experience for you and your children.

Let your children smell the fresh air of the village, step on the soil, water the plants, feed the animals, get dirty and tired.

Let them run and feel free and discover nature’s frogs, ladybugs, butterflies and more. There are various harvests on land such as: vineyards, lemon and orange trees, other fruitful trees, aromatic plants, greenhouses with organic vegetables as well as open-air harvests, many sheep, original Cretan goats, chickens, turkies, piglets, a donkey and a horse. This farm was created for the needs of the Keramo's family and not for tourism purposes, which is why a visit here is completely without charge and your participation in the farming activities is our pleasure.

Do not miss the big Flee Market every Saturday in Mires (10 km). There is one in Zaros every Monday (although it is of a smaller scale).

Weaving : For 2 days, 2 of you at a time can join Maria, a local traditional weaver, to produce a “Patchwork” rug on a traditional hand loom. These mats are made from strips of old clothes and fabric, what we call a “Rag Rug”. Marias workshop is an Alladins cave of looms, fibres and finished articles.

Painting : Zaros and its surroundings are full of wonderful, inspirational images asking to be painted. The painting days will be suitable for beginners or more advanced artists. Your tutor, Meg, has 40 years teaching experience and is a professional artist from Scotland. You will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of materials, watercolors, gouache, You may work “en plain air”, in the studio or both.

Walking : The walks with your guide, Hebe, will allow you to appreciate just how beautiful this area is. The trails are of varying difficulty but there is something to suit all degrees of fitness. 

When on the trails you are constantly surrounded by the wonderful smells form the herbs and the beauty of the wild flowers. With the blue sky overhead you might be in another world. You will come across small stone churches and the traditional stone shelters where the shepherds sheltered and made their cheese.

You will pass through olive groves, and see flocks of mountain sheep. The quality of timelessness is good for the spirit. In the evenings you can relax among friends, have time to yourself or enjoy an evening trip to a traditional Greek cafe to while away the evening with the locals, or visit a traditional Cretan family and enjoy their amazing hospitality.

In addtion Keramos i the perfect place for those who love hiking. Keramos is very close to  Psiloritis mountain, and from here pass the E4 european mountain path.

A small walk to Lake of Zaros,  or hike up the Gorge of St Nicholas - an easy enough 2-hour walk, following a path and clambering over rocks in parts. More experienced hikers might continue up a steep path to Rouvas Forest and the Church of Agios Giannis.

Hire a mountain bike and head your way through the old olive groves to Zaros (1.5km), a lovely small rustic Cretan village famous for its natural spring water and of course a fabulous locaton at the foot of Mountain Psiloritis. 

Visit the second most important archaeological site of Phaestos just 18km away where the ruins of a Minoan palace date back to 1600BC, or Gortys (13km), which incorporates Greek temples, a Roman forum and amphitheatre, and a Byzantine basilica.

Enjoy a full day in Heraklion Town, explore the pedestrian-only old town, walk all the way on the prominande of Koules venetian fortress, and visit the superb Archaeological Museum (unfortunately partially closed) and the Crete Historical Museum

Head to Crete’s stunning south coast, which gives onto the Libyan Sea and enjoy your swimming at Matala Beach (maybe you already have heard about hippies), the long sandy beach of Kommos, the sandy cliffs of Agios Pavlos or a bti further Triopetra and Ligres Beach and maybe one of the best beaches in Crete Agiofarrago.

Find more activities in Heraklion Area.

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