Loutro  is the only natural harbour on the south coast of Crete.

Loutro is peaceful - it is small and feels like a village even if 95% of the people here in the summer are visitors.

Really Loutro is a place to let days flow by as they will. When you meet people who's poetic utterances appeal - converse, when striding rocky paths is the urge - proceed, when the water beckons - shout back / get in; eat and relax.

You shouldn't come here expecting entertainment - the reward is being in Loutro and listening to what your heart desires.

The absence of cars and bikes makes it quiet and peaceful.

Walking and hiking. For this Loutro is a paradise. Some come to walk the Imbros Gorge, visit the old village of Aradena. Walking via the Aradena gorge to Marmara Beach to take the  afternoon boat, back to Loutro after a cooling swim and a drink at the beachside cafe. 

Others walk up to Anopolis - via a seemingly vertical zig-zag path to reach, at 600 metres, the point where the valley becomes visible and the further expanses of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) tower higher still in the distance. To have an Elliniko coffee and Sfakian pitta at a cafe and then descend, back to Loutro, still in time for breakfast.

Perhaps an easy walk is your pleasure? Ask Alison for a copy of "Walking for Softies" - specially prepared for the hotel by a regular guest.

You may prefer idling, gazing, dreaming, re-charging. Some will laze through the day, glancing at the page of a book here an there, falling into conversation with others. Or spend a whole day where time does not matter and the biggest decision is which of the tavernas to choose for an evening meal.

The tavernas offer fresh fish, lamb, a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as grilled, roast and other interesting local recipes. The desire for simple or elaborate platters, many flavours and taste-treats are easily satisfied.

Sunbathing on the beach (no topless bathing) - just taking a few steps, dipping in the water and snoozing under a beach umbrella. Perhaps you will take a canoe out for an hour or a day and visit bays and beaches at will. Umbrellas and canoes can be rented from the hotel's beach assistant. (Nude sunbathing is freely pursued at, just a boat-trip-away, Sweetwater beach!).

Caiques leave at 11 O'clock every day for Sweetwater and for Marmara beach. The same boat does the return trip in the afternoon. This is also one of  many ways to create an interesting walk - for example, taking the caique to Marmara or for a shorter walk on to Phoenix then walking across the hill back to Loutro.

Writing. reading, dreaming ... 

Do sweet.....nothing at all!

Nightlife. What? Nightlife in Loutro is just being here! No discos or clubs, just a bar or two where music is played softly - complementing the freshness of the air, the tranquility of the night. Nightlife here is you, your conversation, your next drink, your gaze out to sea, toward the horizon.

Visit the castle and Roman-medieval ruins on the hill above Loutro. Walk a little or strenuous hikes - this is the perfect place to get your first taste of the mountain and sea-edge paths or to enjoy a  challenge if you are athletically inclined.

At  "Marmara" beach ends up the Aradena gorge. Walk  through the gorge, and if you want you can also do buggy jumping.

For those staying longer or feeling momentarily restless, hop on the ferry and take a ride to Agia Roumelli, here ends up the Samaria Gorge. If you wish you can see the last part ( till the famous narrow point " portes") of the gorge. Don' t forget that you have to return back to Loutro by ferry.

Or maybe you are a bird lover, read more about bird watching.

You can also take the ferry into Sfakia (Chora Sfakia or Sfakion) and spend a half hour or a few hours there for a change of scene (check ferry schedules).

A great option to explore by the sea maybe some of the best beaches in Crete is by Sea Kayak. More information here.

More activities in Chania Area, here!

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