Relax at this unique athmosphere Villa Kerasia offers you by the pool reading a book .... or  "dreaming". 

Keep on moving. Pedaling your bike up incredible hills of wild untamed panorama, on small roads or trails, paved or unpaved around Villa Kerasia, Bicycles available (free of charge).

Please have a look at our 3 day sightseeing during your stay at Villa Kerasia here.

But Villa Kerasia is a great base in order to explore as well. Babis is quite familiar with the region and he will show you the best places to visit.The area around Villa Kerasia Hotel is ideal for walking through the old trails that drive to the nearby Byzantine churches. The international mountain track (E4) that crosses next to the settlement, leads to the organized shelter of the mountaineering club (Prinos, 1200m height). It is also possible for you to participate in organized climbing groups to Psiloriti. 

The nearby, about 2 km, archaeological site of Ancient Rizinia affords spectacular views if you walk to it on the way up the small road which passes Kerasia to Asites. The city was discovered through the excavation between 1906-1908 and prospered from the late Minoan period of 600 B.C. till the Hellenistic period of 67 B.C. The position of Rizinia up to the hill in the center of Crete in the mid way between the two large Minoan cities, Knossos and Faistos, was of great strategic importance. 

In 40 min maybe less you are at the archeological site of Knossos which lies some 5 km south of Heraklion on a low, largerly artificial hill. By far the largest of the Minoan palaces, it thrived over 3500 years ago at the heart of a hilghly sophisticated island-wide civilization. 

During the same day you could visit and one of the most important collection of Minoan art and artefacts anywhere in the world at Heraklion's Archeological Museum. The Museum, as Knossos as well, is almost always crowded (at least in Summer) therefore try to see it early or late for during everyone else's lunch break.

Or maybe you would like to drive down south to Gortyna, Phaestos, Zaros or the south coast lapping on the shore at Lentas or the cave-surrounded beach of Matala. The scenic drive via time-worn villages, to Amari is also within reach.

The nearest beaches are those of the north coast: Amoudara at 20 km or Ligaria close to Agia Pelagia at 30 km. The most  lovely southern beaches are almost 40 km away: Matala, Kalamaki, Kommos,Lentas and Agios Pavlos and the beaches of a more wild character : Agiofarago, Vathi and Marsalo. Ask Babis for more information and directions.

For more activites on Activities in Heraklion.

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