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Bus information

Buses are the only form of public transport in Crete a quite extensive network makes it relatively easy to travel around the island.

Fares are goverment-regulated and very reasonable by European standards.

There is hourly service along the main northern coastal road and less-frequent buses to the inland villages and town on the south coast. Buses also go to majoer tourist attractions inlcuding Knossos, Phaestos, Gortys, Moni Arkadiou, Moni Preveli, Omalos Plateau (for Samaria Gorge) and Hora Sfakion (ferrry ot Loutro and Agia Roumeli).

The larger towns have a central , covered bus station with waiting rooms, toilets and a snack bar. In smaller towns and villages that could be everywhere, maybe no more than a stop outside a kafenio or tavern, which often doubles as a ticket office. 

If not, or it is closed, you can buy your ticket on the bus.

General rule with buses: Always check before making your arrangements to travel by bus -schedules in Crete can (and many times do) change unexpectedly.

Double check until the last minute on public holidays (1 Jan, 25 Mar, 1 May, 15 Aug, 28 Oct, 25 Dec + Easter Sunday). 

In the summer, buy tickets the day before you will travel, be very early at the bus station/stop for best chance of a (good) seat. Buy tickets at kiosks for local buses and at bus stations or local agent (often a Kafeneio) for longer trips.

See bus schedules for all of Crete on our Travel Tips on the left side of this page

Bus Stations

There are three operating bus stations. Rethymno and Chania station is now included within bus station A below.

Bus station A (tel: + 30 2810-245019, 245020) is across the road from the port, near the marina.

For: Chania, Rethymno and connections to Imbros, Sfakia, Kastelli and other places in west and south-west Crete, and  destinations on the north coast east of Heraklion  (including Hersonissos, Archanes, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi Plateau)

Next to it is the bus station for local, city and Knossos buses (tel: + 30 2810-220755, 226065).

Bus station B (tel: + 30 2810-255965) at Hanioporta (part of the old city walls, at the beginning of 62 Martyrs street).

For all other destinations - this means Anogia, Rogdia, Agia Gallini, Mires, Matala, Phaestos, Gortyn, Zaros and places in between.

Bus station - walk to the top of Halidon Street, across the square and turn right - it's about a hundred metres on the left. Tel: +30 28210-93306, 93305, 93052. Buses to Souda - in front of the main market.
Local buses tel: + 30 28210-27044.

Bus station is on the coast west of the fortress. Tel: + 30 28310-22212, 22659 (same for local buses)

Bus station C Agios Nikolaos (Near the hospital, on the way into Agios Nikolaos if you are coming from the direction of Heraklion): Tel: + 30 28410-22234.
Bus station E Ierapetra: Tel: +30 28420-86760, 28237.
Bus station D Sitia (Off Venizelou on the way out of Sitia, on your left - short walk from sea front): Tel: +30 28430-22272.


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There are taxi stands scattered around Heraklion. Three useful ones are Eleftherias Square opposite the outdoor cafes, on 25th August below & almost-opposite Lion square and at bus station A. Radio taxi tel: +30 2810-210102, 210146, 210168, 210124 

Radio taxi tel: +30 28210-98700-1, 98770, 94144 

Radio taxi tel: +30 28310-22316, 24316, 28316, 25000

Agios Nikolaos:
Radio taxi tel: +30 28410-24000, 24100
Radio taxi tel: +30 28430-22317, 22455
Radio taxi tel: +30 28410-26600

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Other useful phone numbers in Crete

EOT (Greek Tourism Organization) information offices:

Heraklion: At present, a visit to the tourist police is the way to get information (on Dikeosinis Str. - opposite Marks & Spencer and to the left). If you are persistent at the office opposite the archaeological museum you may find someone willing to offer a word or two of advice, but this office is really for "official business" only. Tel: +30 2810-283190.

Chania: (on Kriari St off the square at the top of Halidon Street) Tel: +30 28210-92943, 92624.
Rethymno: Tel: +30 28310-56305 (Tourist office is the white building on the beach front towards the old harbour).
Agios Nikolaos: Tel: +30 28410-22357 (Just by the bridge between the harbour and Voulismeni Lake).
Sitia: Tel: +30 28430-24955. On the same street as Apollon Hotel towards the Bus station. Sitia Development Organisation on Antheon street - most knowledgeable and helpful.


Heraklion: Tel: +30 2810-244912, 244956          
Chania (for ferries see: Souda): Tel: +30 28210-98888, 52777
Souda: Tel: +30 28210-89240
Rethymno: Tel: +30 28310-22276
Agios Nikolaos: Tel: +30 28410-22312, 22612
Sitia: Tel: +30 28430-22310
Ierapetra: Tel: +30 28420-22294
Sfakia: Tel: +30 28250-91292
Paleochora: Tel: +30 28230-41214 


Heraklion: Tel: +30 2810-397129, 397136 (info 24hrs)
Chania: Tel: +30 28210-63245, 83800
Sitia: Tel: +30 28430-24424, 22671

Tourist police:

Heraklion: Tel: +30 2810-283190
Chania: Tel: +30 28210- 53333, 28708
Rethymno: Tel: +30 28310-28156, 53450
Agios Nikolaos: Tel: +30 28410-26900
Sitia: Tel: +30 28430-24200       

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