Internet, Telephones & Electricity

Of course you may want to look at while you are in Crete. Or perhaps, you want to send the text of that thesis on Minoan Social Life to your publisher in New York or just check e-mail.

Internet Access 

Numerous cafes and bars tout wi-fi hot spots that let laptop owners hook up for free. If necessary, you 'll be given a passsowrd wheh ordering.

In addtion, many hotels have an internet corner for their guests, often at no charge. Many hotels have wi-fi as well, but such access is often limited to some rooms and/or public areas, so if you need in room access be sure to specify so at the time of booking.

There is free municipal wi-fi in Hania, Paleochora, Rethymno, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos.


The Greek telephone service is modern and quite well maintained. 

Mobile/Cell Phones

All GSM 900/1800mobile phones (these are used in Europe and a few other countries) work in Greece. If you bring your own mobile phone with you, when you first switch it on in Greece you will be given a choice of which phone provider to use. Choose the one recommended by your home mobile phone service provider if, as is sometimes the case, this will give you better rates.

Certain companies provide a fixed charge per minute when "roaming" outside the country your phone service is from. Where this does not apply, you will pay fairly high rates for outgoing calls.

Incoming calls to your phone are expensive, because you pay for the international part of the call (from the country where your phone service is provided, to you, in Greece).

It is Advisable to check on rates and services when using your mobile phone overseas, with your phone service provider, before you travel.

A better idea is to buy a local prepaid SIM card (meaning a local phone number which you slot into your phone). Cards are available from Greece's three mobile phone service providers - Vodafone, Cosmote and Wind. These automatically revert to global roaming when leave Greece and can be used to send and receive SMS messages. Top up cards are sold at Supermarkets, kiosks and newagents.

If you are coming from the US and do not have a tri-band phone (that works on the European GSM frequencies), you can buy a complete "package" of cell phone & sim card.  At electronic stores (look for Vodafone, Wind, Cosmote or e-germanos shops).

Card phones are the rule - coin accepting phones are rare. Telephone cards can be bought in mini markets and at all street kiosks in various denominations from 3 euros upward. Card phones are found on streets, some kiosks, at many squares, public buildings and some mini-markets.

OTE (the Greek telephone company) have a phone calling and fax-sending area at major offices.

To use a card phone:
Put the card in the slot.
Pick up the receiver - the display will show how much money is left (in credit) on your card.
Now you can dial your number (international access is "00" followed by the country code)
When you have finished your call, hang up, WAIT to remove the card until you hear beeping (you are charged more if you remove the card before this!)
(For instructions in English - pick up the phone and press the key marked with letter "i").
How telephone numbers are listed on this website:
All numbers in Crete and within Greece appear with the area code before the hyphen. 
Example: 25550 - 44444 [25550 is the area code, 44444 is the local number - total 10 digits].
Within Greece, you dial all 10 digits.
From outside Greece, dial the international access code* followed by '30' and the area code and local number [the country code for Greece is 30]:
* International access code from most of Europe is "00" (0030 25550 44444)
* International access code from the USA is "011" (01130 25550 44444)
Mobile/Cell Phone numbers based in Greece begin with 693 / 694 / 697.
From overseas dial your international access code followed by  30 6945 xxx xxx.
Note: Telephone Codes in Greece Have Changed (Since 3 November 2002)
If you find numbers in old guidebooks that don't seem to work...
For local calls and anywhere else in Crete (or Greece) all area codes have now "2" at the beginning (instead of nothing or "0" previously). So, in our example, you dial 25550 44444.
Mobile phone numbers all start with a 6 for example 6945 xxx xxx -  (this replaced the old numbering system  0945 xxx xxx in January 2003).
Generally it works!
Voltage : 220V
Cycles (frequency): 50 Hz
Sockets/Outlets: 2 pin + earth/ground "Suku" or 2 pin lighting type.
Adapters and voltage converters are available from companies such as Magellans and Teledapt.

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