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This email is a ittle later than we intended but the airport strike in Athens made it necessary for us to leave on 26 November instead of 27 November as planned. We did as much sightseeing as we could in just one and a half days. A short time but we saw a lot of the important ruins, the Acropolis museum and even managed to do some shopping. We had a wonderful stay at your villa (Fabrica Traditional House) in Anopolis, Heraklion. We really enjoyed being amongst the local people in a village surrounded by olive groves and wonderful views. The villa itself was very comfortable and well equipped which made it so nice to spend time there.Thank you very much for having us to dinner on the last night and allowing us to experience your delicious food and Cretan hospitality. We will leave Frankfurt in a few hours for Australia and will take wonderful memories of you both and our Greek holiday. Best wishes

Helen & Peter T. (November 2014)

Great hotel (Villa Kerasia Inn) and Babis was fantastic host – even helped bump start our car when we had a flat battery. Thanks.

Jeremy (October 2014)

We had a lovely holiday thank you. The accommodation suited us very well, we found Vasso very friendly and welcoming, the climate was perfect. We hadn’t quite appreciated just how large Crete is, so although we planned to travel quite a lot, in the end we spent quite a lot of time on the beach at Almerida! The tavern in Douliana was particularly good. We’d love to come back and explore a different area. Best wishes,

Carol (October 2014)

Kalimera Yiannis, thank you for asking me how our stay (at Akti Rooms) had been on Crete. Actually, it was great! Even though a little bit expensive, as we spent 2.5 weeks as "individual vacation" an not -as many tourists do- all-inclusive vacation. But it was worth it...

Volker (August 2014)

Kalimera, dear Yiannis Many thanks for all your attention. Our trip to Crete was truly unforgettable - the beauty of the places, the history and especially the reception and friendliness of your people. We hope to return soon! Efcharistó! Have a nice day!

Niraldo S. (August 2014)

A good afternoon to you! I can only thank you for all your help with our trip in Crete at Villa Kerasia Inn! I was On call in the week leading up to travelling, I could not have had a good a time as I did without your approachability and organisation. I speak for both my partner and myself in saying a big thank you.! I've already recommended you to our friends here at home! Everything was perfect! Kind regards and hope you are well!

Louise (August 2014)

Kalimera & thanks Yiannis. We had a fantastic time in Loutro thank you - everything was wonderful! We certainly plan to return - maybe to the Old Phoenix or Marmara in the Spring. Best wishes

Jane (October 2014)

Hello Yannis' The experience was very good. the hotels Cozy and comfortable. A Little improvement : suggestions of boating experience. We sure will visit again. next time in Northern Greece. Thessaloniki and the North. Thanks for all the effort,

Barak (September 2014)

Dear Yannis, Our vacations were great and we enjoyed our stay at Youphoria Villas very very much. Everything was very nice. We think to come back again but we do not know yet when. Also the service via crete travel was very convenient. The webpage is very well done, modern and helpful. Many thanks!

Helena K. (August 2014)

Yiannis and everyone there, My time in your country was fabulous!   Thank you all for your assistance in making my trip a smashing success!  I got home last month.  This was my first opportunity to write to you. The Greek people are the happiest, poilitest, and nicest people of any place I've ever been too! I wasn't too crazy about Knossis, it was a bit too much like Disneyland for my tastes but the rest of the island was out-of-this-world!  We all have wonderful memories.  The average Cretean (is it spelled Cretean?) was genuinely warm and friendly, not just sales-friendly as is the case with so many other destinations. The beaches were clean and beautiful, the food was delicious and very reasonably priced. Aside from a flat tire, nothing went wrong. However, we got the flat in front of a small Taverne.  The woman who owned it served a great feast and she insisted we let her son change our tire while we ate.  What a wonderful place Crete is! When we left Crete, we traveled through Germany and Amsterdam.  After Greece, it was a terrible let down!  Their goods were overpriced and the people were dispassionately polite at best. Next year, it's Greece and only Greece!Thank you all so very much. - I love the Greek people!

Ron K. Colorado USA (October 2014)

Dear Yiannis, Sorry for not replying you in time as I just came back from the whole trip to China. Yes, we had a very nice time in Chania and really enjoyed the trip at Manousakis Winery! We love the beautiful city of Chania, the splendid scene on the mountain top, and especially the nice people in Chania including you, Manos and all the other ones we met there. Really wish we could spend more days there... we definitely will come back to Chania again in the future. Thanks again for your help during the reservation! Wish you a prosperous business in the future! Best wishes,

Xiaoya (October 2014)

Kalimera Yiannis! Efharistó polí!! We enjoyed our honeymoon in Greece a lot! And between you and wife and I enjoyed Crete a lot more than Mykonos and Santorini! Thank you for all your help! Hopefully we will be able to go to Greece soon again.With warmest regards,

Jacques (October 2014)

Hi Yiannis,Lovely to hear from you. We are back in the UK and are missing Crete already! Below is my feedback, I'm happy to be quoted on your websites if you want to use it. We greatly enjoyed our excursion to Mile Cave with Alexis from Safari Adventures. He was an excellent guide, and was very knowledgeable about the mountains and Cretan culture. We had a truly memorable day, thank you for helping us to arrange it, even at fairly short notice. I don't think there's much I would change, as it really was perfect for us. It may be worth advising people to wear full trousers, not shorts - the local plants are spiky! Thanks again, we really loved it,

Rachel & Dominic (September 2014)

Kalimera Yiannis, It was the first time we were in Crete and everythings was very good (accomodations, car, food, sea). We enjoy a lot (I like to swim and when I was in Konia apartment every morning I wake up early in the morning (7.00) and I swim for an hour it was a unique experience, the water was turquoise and so clear  ....) We don't have any problem with the car. I already suggested the place and the location you suggested me. Thanks a lot

Paolo (September 2014)

Hi Yiannis, I'm very good thanks & I hope you are too!! I'm soo glad I found you (Crete travel!) on the internet but only by fluke (luck) as I'd been searching for accommodation &  travel information about Crete for a long time because I had little knowledge of the island. Regarding the car rental, We were soo impressed with the personal service we received when we went to pick up the hire car as we often experience a very long queue in hiring a car & end up meeting a miserable, grumpy person ! But your Budget lady was lovely !! As for the accommodation in Chania (Spanzia Hotel) that was Just amazing !!! Chania was absolutely gorgeous ! Chaina is a gorgeous place as it reminded us of Venice. The accommodation  & breakfast was fit for a king !  The staff were also fantastically fabulously helpful. The whole of our holiday we found the Greek people soo generous & friendly. We popped in for a drink in a local bar & they wouldn't let us go as they kept generously giving us home made food & wine & we were trying to communicate with them (poorly) !  We found this special little after we had visited the Olive oil vineyard Biolea, just past the oldest Olive Tree !!  It was typical of the Generous Crete hospitality !! It would be soo good to visit Crete again with your help !! Thanks soo much Yiannis for helping us enjoy a fabulous holiday !! Hope your business is successful! Best wishes!

Alison (September 2014)

Kalimera Yiannis, We had a fantastic holiday at Thalori. It is an amazing place! The car was good and everything went well. Thanks for all your help & when we visit Crete again I will certainly contact you. Regards

Matt (September 2014)

Dear Yianni,
We have returned from our Crete this Tuesday, and I just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed our trip to Loutro and our stay at Porto Loutro II. We had such a good time and got inspired by the incredible beauty of this most lovely spot, including the ferry trip with from which we adored the splendid, magnificent views of the coast line. Also, we were so delighted with our dinner at the Stratis Taverna. Thank you so much, Yianni, for having assisted us with our stay at Loutro. We wish you a most enjoyable rest of the summer season and send you our warmest regards,

Luzia and my sister Monika (August 2014)

Having booked through and Giannis Gonianakis, made me feel like visiting an old friend on Crete. Giannis is a a perfect host and made every minute of our stay on Crete impeccable. A great car waited for us upon arrival and we booked three locations through Giannis: Kionia ApartmentsArtemis Studios and Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion. We were very suprised and happy to get an upgrade in all accomodations. Everyone knows Giannis in person and seems to be very glad with his personal attention. This gave us a very nice and safe feeling. Our car was picked up in the last accomodation, which Giannis advised and which was very convenient.  I highly recommand whenever your visit on Crete needs care and a warm touch of hospitality! Thank you so much! We'll be back!!

Nicolette (August 2014)

Hi Yiannis
Thank you for arranging our hire car – it was perfect and all went to plan. We stayed near Matala and saw Archelon’s work with the loggerhead turtle nests, amazing! I’m sure we shall be back next year!

Fiona (August 2014)

Hi George,
So good to hear from you.  We too have often recounted our visit with you and the other wonderful Cretans you introduced us to. Never before in our travels have we met such warm and passionate strangers, who made us feel so welcomed; no longer strangers. It was a  joy to talk so openly and share about the topics that make us all citizens of this wonderful world.  It was truly a memorable experience, one that we will always treasure. Now we are back to our normal life and trying to stay caught up. LOL
Hope all is good in your life and your family as well.
Sincerely and thanks so very much

Penny and Doug (June 2014)

It was another great adventure to Crete. Staying at Villa Kerasia is always a pleasure. We came in contact with many of the stonemasons/artists and enjoyed seeing their work and also to go to the local arrangement at the village Kerasia. I do recommend both Villa Kerasia and your company to anyone who wanders about what I have experienced in Crete ( most of them only know Chania/Platanias) We also liked Loutro very well - but it is no possible to competit with Babis when it comes to hospitality.
I will be back in Crete also in the future.

Fredrik (June 2014)

Dear Yiannis, the house was even better than expected, so many nice details. Breakfast in the fridge and the drinks were a very friendly welcoming gesture. We loved the house and the location so much that we definitely want to come back. Most likely next year in June. Have a good Monday, best regards!

Christine (July 2014)

Hello Yannis,  Sorry for this late reply. I hope you are well and basting in the warm Greek sun. I wish I could return there again tomorrow. My holiday in Crete went smoothly. Every move I made was what I expected.  The island is beautiful.  And the people are so friendly. I had a wonderful stay at the hotel. Thanks to you for choosing it for me.  The people were amazing.  Practically I left with a heavy heart. It was like leaving dear friends behind. I will definitely return to Greece. There are so many places yet to see and explore.   I will also certainly seek your advice when I return. I was really pleased with your wise advice.  Anytime you wish to visit Ireland, let me know.  I can suggest some places for you to visit snd stay. Keep in touch and send me news from Greece whenever you can. Each time I see your email, it brings a smile to my face. Wishing you a great summer.

Truly, Jenny (July 2014)

We hope that you are well and enjoying the weekend too. Our visit to Crete was wonderfully successful. Everything was absolutely perfect thank you so very much!!! If we ever return, we'll happily be in touch again. All the best. Thanks,

Andy (July 2014)

Dear Yiannis, our stay at the Atrion Hotel was very good, we enjoyed the night in the big and nice room and also the good breakfast. A place to come back for next time...
CHeers to you,

Pascale (July 2014)

Dear Yiannis, So sorry to be so long in replying to your recent email, we have been really busy since we returned home! We had a lovely time in Crete, made so easy by yourself in the help and planning before we arrived. Everything was just as we expected, which is nice, no nasty surprises ! And so gorgeous, the view of Chania harbour from the roof terrace at Pandora Suites, I think, was the best part of the holiday. We would certainly have no hesitation in planning our next trip to Crete /Greece with you or recommending you to others. Thank you so much for making our holiday very enjoyable.Best wishes,

Helen & Philip (July 2014)

Dear Yiannis, I just had to write to thank you for all your help and advice regarding accommodation for our whistlestop tour of Crete. Each place we stayed had it's own ambience and was perfect for that stage of the trip - from the private beach, sea view terrace and all natural spa at St Nicolas Bay Resort, to the authentic, inventive exquisite food and stunning design (and goody bag!) of Kapsaliana Village and the quirky-cool charm, house guest welcome and picture-perfect location of Mama Nena Charming hotel. On a practical note each property was immaculately presented, well organised and efficient, with charming and knowledgable staff. We can't wait to return to Crete - maybe later this year. 

Laura  (June 2014)

Kalimera dear Yiannis,Thank you for your kind email.We had a great time, very glad we rented the car, the best part was driving around to see the beautiful island, loved the gorges! Nothing you could do better, your service is impeccable, thank you Yiannis. I am sure we will go again, we were planning to after the first day there. You will be the first person I contact for help. Have a wonderful day dear Yiannis.Warmest regards,


Everything was only regret is that I didn't stay longer in Crete before heading over to Mykonos. I had a much better time in Crete. Thank you for everything. Many thanks!

Leonor and Andrea

Thank you for sending us your beautiful website and emails.  We planned a trip in Crete about 10 years ago and had to cancel it at the last minute due to illness.  Your wonderful website, photos, and descriptions, make us want to fulfill that dream in the near future.  Please keep sending the e-mail suggestions.  This is one of the best travel websites I know of anywhere (and I am the author of one myself!), keep up the wonderful work.


Dear Yiannis,
I still feel guilty that I never answered your review about our holidays in Crete (in July 2012).
You helped us find the perfect location according to our wishes, and booked the perfect village Paleochora, with the right accommodation.
When we experienced some problems in the hotel,( not working airconditioning, not functioning fridge), you helped to solve it, completely to our satisfaction.
Paleochora really answered to everything we looked for in our holidays, we continue to look for more 'Paleochora-locations', while on holiday to other destinations.
So, although very late,  thanks very much, for taking such good care of us.
Whenever we want to book another vacation in Crete , we will certainly contact you.

Kind regards,
Marlies V.A.

A big thank you for your message, we were delighted with our trip to Crete in September: friendliness of the people, archaeological sites, landscapes, great food, beautiful Orthodox monasteries, beautiful beaches….!!! Since our return we have been very busy and are sorry to respond so late... Notos  apartments are very well located with a beautiful view and we had a nice step near Triopetra (this is particularly quiet in September) The traditional village Milia is truly a unique experience that we really appreciated ! We will not fail to advise your site to our friends who would go to Crete and thank you again for all your advice.

Best regards
H et MC D.

The hotel On the Rocks was just perfect, service and location was excellent. Hopefully I will be back in Crete sometime next year and will revert then.

Best regards,
Tom M.B

Yiannis we had a fabulous time in Crete, and I really thank you for your help. I will try to send you a link to my photos. The weather was unbelievable, the sights magnificent, the people so friendly and helpful. It is a fantastic destination and we hope to return once we have saved up again!. Our favorites were Loutro and Lissos, ChaniaRethymno, all the little villages, Heraklion...oh it's too hard to have favourites! 
Thank you for your help.

Best wishes

Thanks for emailing. I should have written to you without being prompted. I certainly intended to but, well, you know how it is, always too many other things to do. Our trip to Crete this summer was probably amongst the best holidays we have ever taken.  We had not used CreteTravel before so we were apprehensive. In fact, Kerassia, and its delighful host, Babis, was wonderful.  Villa Kerassia has been converted to a hotel with great flair and imagination by Babis and his hospitality is generous and unassuming.  We had some bad luck whilst there when the power (which also pumps the water supply) was cut by the authorities without any notice to Babis.  We was embarrassed and apologetic and yet it was no fault of his.
I would certainly recommend CreteTravel again (in fact have already done so to a colleague) and we intend returning next year to explore the last remaining part of the island we have not visited, the east end, the Lassithi, Sitia, Spinalonga and the Dicteon Mountains.

Colin and Lesley

Dear Yiannis,
We had beautiful days in Crete and certainly your help and tips contributed to this. The hotels were pretty satisfactory and well-located, the staff gave us all information we needed. In conclusion, we enjoyed a lot our visit to all places, museums, beaches, and restaurants.I hope to have another opportunity to come back and visit some places that we were not able to do. Your services were absolutely helpful.

Fernando B.

Have a nice and sunny day!Thank you for organising our holiday, we have just returned to cold UK after a lovely two weeks in beautiful CreteMochlos Mare was the most welcoming place to stay, Panayotis and his wife are most generous and kind hosts.  We loved staying there.Sitea Bay was a real treat, a very comfortable apartment and lovely position, right on the beach. The staff were extremely obliging and helpful with lots of good information available.  We look forward to a return visit. All in all, we have had a most enjoyable time on your beautiful island, thank you

Judy and Rob 
Sent from my iPad

Hi Yanis,
having a wonderfull time. Crete is really beautifull and the food and weather superb!! Thank you once again for all your help.


Good morning Yiannis,
I was actually going to write before receiving your email. I wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in making my visit to Crete so enjoyable.
Thank you for keeping in touch with me even after finalizing the booking. Apart frombthe mixed up and misunderstanding with the booking fee at porto del colombo I only have good and positive feedback to pass on. I guess no amount of money is worth ruining such a great holiday in crete. I would no doubt spread the word amongst friends who wish to visit the beautiful crete.
Once again, thank you so much for your great efforts and assistance.


Ciao Yanni
yes, very enjoying trip!
the car was good, the weather spectacular, no mosquitos, the sea marvellous ..... 
Crete is great
thanks for all


Kalimera Dear Yannis,
Thank you for your email.
We toured the island, it was a little short, but we will see what we have not had time to do.
Our stay in Crete was very great !!! We also visited the Cyclades. Greece offers a multitude of sensations and incredible beauty.
What us the most was the hospitality, the diversity of landscapes (mountains, valleys, ports,...), beautiful beaches (Elafonissi, Ámbelos ...), hiking (Gorges Samaria, the Death Valley, Chryssi Island, Spinalonga...), the quality of the food (octopus!!!! fried fish, tzatziki, mashed split peas, eggplant puree ...), we had a great time.
I'd return next year, there are so many things to discover.
The Villa  Kerassia was beautifu,l Babis is a charming and very hospitable person. The room was just as beautiful, restored with taste. The pool is very nice to go too, with views of olive groves time. Breakfast is the best I've eaten. Products were thin and tasty. Our first night was a delight!
Thank you so much for your follow and your site helped me to create my stay.
A soon.
Good evening.

Nelly Glatt

Kalispera Yiannis,
Returned home safely yesterday.  What a perfect holiday in Sunny Crete.  All the arrangements worked well.  The Lato and Porto Loutro Hotel were wonderful, peaceful and comfortable.  Thanks.Kind regards


Dear Yiannis,
The house was wonderful, the neighborhood charming, and Nikki was most enjoyable. The car was very nice. We got lost several times (sometimes due to the grass growing over the sign so we did not see it), but we always got out and asked people who surprisingly often spoke English. Or my Greek understood enough so we got by just fine.
Thank you for your help with the car. It was a wonderful trip.


Dear Yainnis, We are just back from Your wonderful land!
My wife and me enjoied very much our stay in Paleochora: unfortunately too short to have the opportunity to take a full knoledge of the sorroundings.
This can be a good excuse to be back another time!!!
The "on the rocks" Hotel was perfect as people and position.
Thank You very much for all Your assistance. We'll keep apart Your e-mail for our next trip in Crete.
Our best regards

Francesca & Carlo

Everything was great thanks. We had a wonderful time. I must make special mention of Poppy at Palazzo Apartments. She is genuinely a warm and welcoming host.
Thanks for all your help. We will certainly use your site again. Please continue to update and work on the advice section. It is things like this that separate your site from others.


So good to hear from you!!! We loved Crete...ANd you do a fantastic job at arranging ALL of our travel.....I will forsure use you in the future!!!! I want to put the package together with you Best of Crete!!!! We will be in contact soon!  I am in Mexico currently working on my tours...back to the USA December!!!! Give Crete a Big Yassas from me!!!!

CHeers, Stef

Hi there Yiannis
It's freezing here in Uk! Need the sun again soon! Our trip to Ammos Hotel was superb! Thank you everything was perfect you could not have done better! Will be visiting Greece again quite fancy Corfu - will contact you again when we do!
Hope you are well.
Kind regards

Tracey Churchill

Kalimera Yiannis
We had an excellent holiday with a very good car, Fiat Punto. No complaints at all. We met Elephteria in Vrysses as usual for the change at Chora Sfakion and all went well.  Next year we plan to come in the spring and will be in touch. If possible we would like to fly into Chania. Does your company operate from there as well?
Best wishes

Beryl and Brian, USA

Kalimera Yannis,
... from a cloudy and chilly Canada - we just had our first sign of snow this morning.  
Yes, every minute of our three week trip around Greece was a success.  Better than could be expected: your country is blessed.
We particularly enjoyed Crete, and would certainly think of returning in a few years.
The car rental you arranged for us out of Iraklion was very useful and a good price.
If we return to Greece we will contact you.  Please do not send us encouraging messages; no matter how much you would love us to return, we will do so on our own terms!
Yours truly,


We are all impressed with the way you have dealt with our various requests and would like to say a big "THANK YOU". All good wishes, G'day Roger


Still 'recovering' from our Crete travelling! Thank you for being most efficient - all three hotels were well organised, thanks to you our holiday was smooth and enjoyable.
Fountaindale, Australia

Rob & Erica

Thank you for your quick reply.
I must commend you folks on a wonderful WEB site ( It is by far the best travel WEB site I have come across and I look at a lot of them around the world. When we come to Crete your WEB site will certainly be the travel guide that we use. Keep up the good work.

Fraser B.Rea

We wanted to write to you and thank you for your help and suggestions.
All three places were marvellous. Komis is so close to the sea, Elia is a gem and Lato was just the right place to stay in Heraklion.
We used a lot of the information provided on your homepage which is most informative.
We will recommend your site to everyone who wants to travel to Crete.
Best wishes,

Albrecht and Anna

Very good. Has everything I've been looking for. I've been to over 10 countries in Europe for holidays and working, and have usually found any information I need on the internet but this is by far the best. Well done!!

Padraic Leader, Ireland

Of all the sites that we have visited in planning this trip, yours is by far the best. We look forward to finding just the right place to stay on our visit with your help. 

Clement Plamondon

Many thanks for sorting out the car, arrival details and the free upgrade...
I wish life was always as easy as dealing with
Again, thanks


Hello What a great site! Your site has given me even more ideas of where I would like to go and what I would like to do. Thanks very much indeed!

Eva, Netherlands

Thank you for suggesting and organizing our stay at two delightful hotels...They were spot on and we greatly enjoyed our time at both.
Thanks. Best wishes,

John Marzillier and family

Thank you very much for your email and I will in fact contact the email address you gave me regarding flights.
Your website was extremely helpful and well thought out. All the information we need is on your website so I have added it to My Favourites on my computer - which will enable me to refer to it regarding places, hotels etc.  Thank you for your prompt reply which tells me that you are an efficient and well planned company and I hope that I will be dealing with you in the not too distant future.
Best regards,

J. Binney.

Thanks for the tip on your website. It's beautiful. Possibly the nicest, best designed, most interesting and easiest to read that I've seen.

Arthur Lynn, Great Journeys.

Very well laid out site, my wife and I have been to Crete many times so we know (and love!) the island very well, but we found your site very interesting and informative. Will return many times!! 

Steve and Christine, Crawley

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is! I have been wandering the internet for a couple of months arranging our vacation in Crete, when I had finalized everything, I found your site which had all the information I had spent hours looking for!

Susan Brett, Jerusalem

I wish I had found your site sooner!!!!

Christina Helms

Your website is one of the best travel pages I've visited. I am betting your newsletter is equally informative. Please sign me up as we prepare for our October trip to Crete. Thanks.

E Hiatt

We are already back in cold London from our holiday in Crete. We had a great time. One week is not enough because there is so much to see. We would like to say that we were really impressed with your website, as your descriptions and pictures of Keramos hotel were very accurate: what we see on your website is what we get! The other information on your website (area etc.) was very useful.
The Keramos Hotel was very nice, very clean and the owners were very friendly. Delicious and copious breakfast, as advertised!
Thanks again for your assistance. 

Best regards, Nathalie Boulay

Thank you for all your assistance. Everything was wonderful! We especially liked the Elounda Gulf Suites - I just wish we had more time there! The restaurant at the hotel was excellent along with the staff.
Thanks again, my first trip to Greece will be a very memorable one,

Kristy Loucopoulos.

Hi Roger,
Many thanks for your email, that answers all my questions. Your website has been a great help too, and may I say the best one of its kind that I have found so far! 

Kate Miller

You are, indeed, faster than a speeding bullet!! Thank you so very much. I will be back to you after I speak to the clients.
Thanks again.


I got a sensible answer to my question in only some minutes! That is a VERY good service. Thank you ever so much.

Sverre, Norway

Thank you very much you have been extremely helpful.
Of course I will mention you to all my mates!
Kind regards,

Simone, UK

Brilliant website - well laid out, good information, up to date and easy to follow. Well done!
Sinead O'Toole, Dublin
You have a great site.

D James, Fun trips Live

Excellent! Because you keep the site simple and light (graphic files), its works fast -- so much better than other frustratingly cluttered and heavy sites.
Thank you!
One suggestion: I would move the temperature window on the Weather page to the top of the page: easier for a simple temp check, no need to scroll down. [ has been done! ]


I stumbled on your website on the Usenet. Good work, very sensibly presented; the small maps are excellent for finding one's way around and the hotel/restaurant tips seem to be good too.

Bo Lundin, Sweden

Very good website. Lots of good information, about weather, places to visit, maps etc
Thank you

Ann Parkin, England

Excellent Newsletter, so well worth the wait, can't wait for the next issue, keep me posted.

Jan Pepper

Dear Roger
Thank you for your mail.
We really enjoyed our visit to Crete.
We shall never forget your marking-signs welcoming us.
We have the very best experiences about Greece and the friendly greek people.
Best regards

Mrs. Bodnar & company

Very good website. Informative and descriptive. Particularly interesting for me as I am moving there on a permanent basis next year after 30 years of travelling there. It is my favourite place in the world and I have done an extensive amount of travelling in my life. There is nothing like Crete and its people plus the amazing hospitality, weather and wonderful way of doing things!

Judy, London

Roger - many thanks for your informative (and very witty!) response to my queries on Crete.
Many congrats on your site, if only others would do the same.

B Walsh, Ireland

We've now booked Malia and depart 19 October so look forward to putting your advice into practice!!
Many thanks again.

Helen Gould, London

Many thanks for your great help!!!!!!!!!! This is a wonderful site I think.

Jolanda, Netherlands

Excellent, thanks for so much detail and interesting info.
This is a very useful and attractive site.

Irene Halkias

Just to let you know we enjoyed our holiday in Crete......thank you for your help.

Fiona Turner, Wicklow

Dear Yiannis,
I'm glad to tell you that everything was perfect, especially the hotel On the Rocks Hotel! I hope to come to Crete again as soon as possible.
Thank you for all!

Elena Pulici

Just want to say that your website is one of the best-written, informative ones I have ever visited for travel or anything else. Full of good tips and useful info and no frills. A pleasure to dig into!


Good Evening Yiannis,
The service we received was brilliant and I would definitely use you again should we come back to Crete.

Good points -
The car was collected in a clean condition and quite a new model.
Your emails before we're very welcoming.
The whole arrival process was very time efficient.
I can't really think of anything that needed improving.
Oh one last thing - some of the brown roads on the map included were close to being unusable by the model we ordered. A hint would have been useful to avoid (we did love the adventure though).
Many Thanks,


Dear Yiannis,
our holidays are now finished since end of July and we really thank you for your help and professionalism during our trip in Creta.
Everything was fine and you manage to find solution that was in line with our needs.
we will certainly use your services if we will turn back in Creta.
Best Regards,

Jane G.

Thanks. It was great. Our hotel was just what we wanted - quiet, great views and great food.


Roger did assist me to complete my reservation; your services were perfect as well as the visit itself. We have not encountered any problems at all and the apartment was as described, clean and well fitted with all the necessary amenities for our two weeks holiday. The owner was polite and helpful. We loved the place, and the kids enjoyed it a lot. I will probably return, but sometime this fall since I will be involved with some personal business which will require a lot of time (we are moving to Perth, WA). I will be definitely contacting you for a reservation.


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